Biggle Bear's yakcomp 41 entry


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Nov 1, 2017
I was given a kal and skabs set that I was reserving for a comp. I came up with a character for Captain dangerous's might empires game that I will model. He is a delaque, a mad hatter / eccentric type and is travelled.

Although a beautiful model, I am not a big fan of the kit. The pose is so restricted that it feels like it should have been made of a single piece. There is also extreme model creep going on.

To make him anyone else and not kal I think we need to do a minimum of a head swap and a weapon swap. The problem is that the only suitably sized head is either skabs or a space marine scout. Weapons wise, he will have a bamboo cane with hefty grip and a pistol of some sort. But I can't decide how much of the original pistol I want to keep.

For the pet, either something made of those wings, that adorable boistrous little chick or a mimic from the old rogue trader book (perhaps made with the skabs model)
Last night's. I have given him a sheathed knife (I will green stuff the holster into a more appropriate shape later), given him a cane with a beefy grip and trimmed a bolter down to adjust his laspistol.

Anyone remember the film where Steven Segal is fighting the human hunting mercenaries? And the leader had this one round gun? I want to copy that gun on this model but as a bolt pistol. I'm trying to decide if the pistol should be in it's open position to illustrate that or not.

Edit: and man-o-man do I need to improve my photography skills
Not Steven Segal. Van damme.
The film is Hard Target.
The gun is called a Thompson Contender 40-70, according to the Google search.
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Apologies for not writing much. Most of my progress was made late at night so I just wanted to get the photos posted and go to sleep.

I think I am finished with The Gentleman Esquire. He is a delaque but with the hat it is hard to distinguish and his eyes will be a mechanical colour, rather than external bionics. I thought 'why ruin it'.

I'm glad with the gun and the pose. I don't know about others but I like the look.
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With the mimic I am trying to make it look like the hair is warping to look like clothes but with tufts of fur on the edges.
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I think I am finished. I was going to make a victim for the bonus points, but i don't like how he turned out.

The Gentleman Esquire, with his golden hunting bolt pistol and scepter 'walking cane'.

His kamikaze parrot.

Little mimic monkey.

And his ticking sump croc.

I will make new photos for the final entry with better lighting and stuff.