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    Our GoMo campaign starts in a few weeks and, although I've already got the Outlaw Motorcycle Mob I'll be running finished, (I have a Bike, a Trike and a Quad already,) I thought I'd have a stab at making a sidecar as II've been re-enthused to convert some more models using the fantastic GW Ork Warbike set.

    My basis for this will be an existing Warbike (which looks like the offspring of my old Service Bike and a WW2 Indian). to which I planned to add a scratch built sidecar.


    I bought some Kromlech Pilot torso's and heads to use for my Bikers (as they all have the Morka Skull on the back of their Kut) which I intend to magnitise to the legs so that when they jump off the bike I can just pop the torso off and onto some Kromlech legs. I think I saw this idea somewhere on the interweb, so a 'Big-Up' to whoever thought of it first.

    I started off making cardboard mock-ups to get the size of the sidecar roughly right.

    Actually ... that's a lie. I started off looking at LOADS of pictures of Combo's (Motorcycle sidecar combinations) on the internet, then getting sidetracked onto searching Cosplay sites via a multitude of C.O.D and Borderlands websites, amongst others.


    Too Big


    Too Small


    Too low at the front.

    As you can see it took me a few attempts to get a size I was happy with. Despite my best efforts, by the time I'd made a plasticard mock-up ... it looked like I was trying to weld a Dwarf gyrocopter to the side.


    So it was back to the drawing board.

    Now ... this is where working in renovation comes in really handy. Most of the time we have to make do with whatever we find laying around site to repair something. A rotted bottom rail of a window? Plane down some 4"x2". Need some Victorian 11" skirting board? Glue some architrave to the side of a floorboard. So applying this mentality to my build I thought ... wot wud an Ork Mek do?

    Simpelz. He'd bolt an existing box, krate or bit of old vehicle onto the bike.


    Now, had I thought of this before hand I would have saved myself 8 hours of looking at cats riding surfboards, dogs rescuing cats from surfboards, and would still be unaware of the 28 reasons not to move to Australia. o_O
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  2. What are you planning for the running gear? Because that sidecar would look sweet with tracks running along the outside rather than a wheel :)
  3. Azzabat

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    I was planning on using the small wheel from the Ork Battlewagon, but I'll hook out some tracks and see how that looks. :)

    (Edit: The trakk idea looks pretty shiny so I'm gonna go with that.)

    Cheers for the idea. :notworthy: I may have to reduce the width of the sidecar. Its the same width as the GoMo Trakk but as it seems a tad wide.

    I'd cut a thin ring off some 38mm PVC pipe to use as a turret ring, but I think I may dispense with that.

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  4. Azzabat

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    So I made the sidecar a bit narrower to fit the Trakks in.


    I also had a thought that as Orks would use anything laying about to make their vehicles out of ... I'd make the back panel as an old door.

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    The sidecar is taking shape now.


    Big shout to Plainoldandrew for his suggestion to use a track rather than a wheel for the running gear, Very Orky.


    I added some more detail to the back to make it look like an up(motor)cycled door.


    I'm not sure if I should leave it there (apart from some more battle damage and some more Glyphs) so that my model can stand up inside the sidecar, or if I should kit out the inside with a seat and a pillion passenger lie the driver?
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  6. F yeah, that looks sweet! Nice work with the scratch build :)
  7. Azzabat

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    Cheers. I'm trying to think what else I can stick on the sidecar to make it look recycled. The back/door was obvious and I'd like to make the rest of it look recycled but don't want to 'overkill' it.

    I was thinking of putting a weapon on the track fender (sorry, wing for you Brits) making the 2" fire corridor straight ahead of the bike. What do you guys recon?
  8. Flamekebab

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    It's looking good so far!
    You could add legs and magnetise them? It's probably more practical to just let a model stand though - that way any model can fit there.

    Perhaps some sort of vent or grille? A broken control panel? A stub of pipe with some wires hanging out? A few thin strips of green stuff or similar to look like duct tape? A saddlebag or cargo net holding some gear?

    I'm excited to see the result!
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    I love the idea of Ork Dukt Tape. Must find a way of modelling that on.

    I've been messing around with rivets today. Normally I just use a 1/16" hole punch on some really thin plasticard sheet but a friend of mine suggested slicing the end off some hex rod. I've tried putting 3mm hex down with 2mm hex but that loses something in the scale. What seems to work best is 3mm hex with a 1/16th circle in the middle.

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  10. Azzabat

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    Having gotten the Warbike and Sidecar nearly finished I decided to have a few more playtests and see if the Roolz for Outlaw MC Mobs needed tweeking any. One of the things I've found in every game so far is that a pure Motorcycle Mob is very disadvantaged when it comes to heavy weapons, not being able to mount any Big Gunz on a Warbike.

    Following on from discussions with Flamekebab (who suggested taking a Trukk was OK, and providing pictures of SAMCRO's various vehicles,) I decided a few little tweeks were needed to my Mob. But that what was Really needed ... was to make more stuff! And one of the things I decided I needed for my Outlaw MC Mob was a shiny new Trike. Not the weedy little one I made back when I first started playing GoMo to carry my Nob, but a decent heavy duty one like the Squats used to have.


    I figured that if I make a Big, Brutal, Orky Heavy Weapon Trike, I can either use it as a normal Trike/Bike, OR ... use it as a Trike/Trukk/Buggy. That way I still have the look and the adherence to the fluff of a Motorcycle Mob, but it allows me the flexibility to field some Big Gunz should I need to. Scanning the Interweb and various forums for inspiration, I came across this Ork Warbike conversion from Jakkie on the Heresy Forum.


    Without a head or arms the driver actually looks like a Squat to me at first glance, and with no rotor blades attached to the swash plate, it definitely looks like a pintle mount for a heavy weapon and an ideal starting point. I have a spare plastic Deffkopta's left over from the AoBR set, so saw in hand I set to work to make my own version of a Heavy Weapon Trike.

    A few quick cuts turned this ...

    ... into this.


    I decided I need big, beefy wheels so opted for a set from the Ork Trukk. The rear ones are fine but the front one poses some problems as it's 'hollow' on one side. I've tried to make it match the reverse with some plasticard and round/hex sprue.



    I've scratch built a set of front forks out of some plastic tubing and a couple of skulls from the scenery sprue of the AoBR set.



    I always like to do a 'dry fit' so I can check the proportions. When I first laid the Trike out with the rear axle directly below the engine, and a platform attached to the rear it looked ... wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Moving the rear wheels back to line up with the rear of the platform solved this, making it looked more like a wedge.


    The rear axel was simple enough to make out of a selection of hollow tubing.


    I always worry about the connection between structural parts as unless you get both pieces totally flat, you get a weak join. I tend to get over this by cutting narrow pieces of 'L' section plastic rod about 3mm wide and using these as angle brackets.


    Then, even though it's the underside and will be covered by the platform, I couldn't resist going to work with rivets. It was also at this point I decided to cut off the vertical plastic fitting of the Deffkopta swish plate and make a magnetic pintle mount so I can make interchangeable Big Gunz for my Trike.


    I cut a section off some 38mm waste pipe and split it in half for the rear wheel arches.


    I'd left the skids on the Deffkopta up until this point to keep the Trike level whilst I was fiddling around with the rear axle assembly. Looking back I should have put an angle cut on the end of the rear drive shaft as this is going to cause me problems with the platform being at an angle. I can see the Gunna slipping off the back unless I do something to stop him.


    I've still got to figure out how I'm gonna attach the front forks as they seem very fragile, (a bit like my Mob really,) but I'll have a stab at them this weekend and see what I can come up with.

    C J = )
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  11. Azzabat

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    I managed to get the front forks on ok. I had to put a cross brace in to stop them flexing too much. The top of the forks looked a little 'blah' so I disguised the end with a couple of fuel cans. They look a little weedy so I may scratch build some barrels and replace them.


    I also put some 3D Dags on the wheel arches to break up the large surface area.


    Oh ... and I cut the skids off too.

    C J = )
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  12. DracoPT

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    Love the detail on the wheel arches, I think I might steal this idea for my trukks if you don't mind :p

    I've been thinking and where's the line that separates a bike from a trakk? A bike with 2 side cars would still be a bike or it's already going too far maybe?
  13. Flamekebab

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    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Like pornography I expect you'll know it when you see it :ROFLMAO:
  14. DracoPT

    DracoPT Ganger

    Sometimes you see things you never thought it was possible by the laws of physics hahaha, but talking about orks, IMO I would still accept a tri-bike just because it would be awesome to see
  15. Flamekebab

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    It's something I truly love about Gorkamorka - the game allows for these things. If you want to build a ridiculous bike, go for it! There's various trade-offs and if you're willing to accept them then go for it.
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    Yeah, it's what made me want to play orks in 40k in the first place, that freedom to convert and the chaos/personality it brings to the table. I think that any ork player should at some point of his "career" play gorkamorka, specially when he/she is lacking some kind of inspiration to convert
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  17. Azzabat

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    Steal away my friend. As my Lecturer used to say ... "To take from 1 source is plagiarism. To take from many is Research!"

    For me it's a question of stats rather than size. You can have a GorkaMorka Trukk which is 4" long and 2" wide, or an Ork Trukk which is twice as long and 3 times as wide. They still have the same stats. Likewise for Bikes, though (personally) I'd draw the line at twin sidecars. For me I think of a Bike as a Steel Horse. It can hold 2 'people' without affecting its performance. Anything more and I think you're into the realms of Trakks and Trukks.

    = )
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  18. Kon-rad

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    Sweet, sweet trike! Those Black Reach Deffcoptaz are really handy. I like the work you've done on the side-cars too. But they are a bit big and heavy looking for my taste. I've rigged up platforms and side rails for my bikes. No more than 1cm wide on the side and a couple cm for a back platform. I use broken bits of old cutter knife blades (the dull bit that fits in the knife handle mostly) glued to some plasticard as the base and I magnetize the feet or bases on all my guys. Make for a less clunky looking ride. Most of my bikes are old, old Warbikes, with the hefty tracks in back, so they are a little bit bigger than the new ones to start with. That helps the proportions too.
  19. Kiblams

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    These look great! looking forward to seeing more custom jobs!
  20. djmothra

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    I know it's for Warcraft, but the Orcs Trike is kick-arse :) And its from Paul Junior Designs :D
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