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  1. Morray

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    Heya folks,

    I'm in a campaign with my mates, but I'm finding it really, REALLY dull as I've only won one territory and the rest have won a lot more, 5 in one case. Two guys get a serious amount of money each game, whereas I'm getting 10 creds in two cases.

    We play and I get a bit of luck it's funny, but we all know there's no chance I actually win.

    Is there anything in this game that gets better? Balancing somewhere? Seems like it's already decided, 5 games in, and we have a looooooong way to go, and I only get to play once every 2 weeks.

    I play Infinity so Munda is obviously totally different to my fave game. I'm just getting whacked if I don't accidentally cheat or roll an insane amount of 6's for armour. It's just, well...Dull.
  2. Lets see your gang as hard to give pointers without?
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  3. almic85

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    Necromunda has always been more about the story than the gameplay.

    I would suggest trying to step up on some of the gang and campaign fluff to get you a bit more invested in your gang.

    Unfortunately if you have guys in your group that just want to powergame (van Saar plasmagun spam) or who want to play efficient lists (Escher lasgun spam) it can get a bit boring.

    In terms of winning some games the best advice I can give is read the scenarios and work out which ones suit your gang (or which ones don’t suit their gangs) and try to play them.

    Ambushes are great for smaller gangs to take out bigger gangs and there are a few others that are built to level the playing field.
  4. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Sadly, there is not much in term of built-in rubberbanding in the N18 Dominion campaign. There is no real 'blue shell' to help you catch up with the top dogs.
    The two things you get for being the underdog are a few extra random tactics cards (if your group uses them that is) and a slightly higher chance to choose the scenario (but it will still be a randomly determined one most of the time).

    Does your group have an arbitrator? If it does, try to have a talk with them and see if they can come up with something to help you stay in the race (maybe something akin to the house favours system, or a special scenario designed to give you some kind of advantage (maybe a 2v1 scenario with the underdogs teaming up against the top dog)).
    And if you don't have an abitrator, maybe try and see with the other players if you can come up with something together. After all, it's in every player's interest that you have fun and want to stay in the campaign.
  5. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Dude Dominion campaign is garbage! I've solved everything here, making a proper campaign foundation:


    Also discussed here:


    You need massive house rules to fix this game. Scenarios are broken, campaign doesn't work, so much to fix! My game time is also very limited, maybe 2-3 game nights per month. I can't afford any boring or disappointing game mechanics, so I had to make sure the game runs fun and smoothly.
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  6. spafe

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    a bit more info would be good dude. What gangs are there, what have you got, 2d or 3d games, any house rules, that sorta stuff.

    But by and large there isnt any great overarching balancing, but the cards really do help out at times, they really really can. between that and scenarios being lopsided you can usually claw something back
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  7. Also ask the arbitrator to house rule an underdog bonus and an expenses per fighter charge after each game. i implemented +1 xp and +1 to income rolls for each 100pts of gang rating difference and it balanced things fairly quickly.
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  8. LIVe13New

    LIVe13New Juve

    In our campaign I play Genocult gang and don't win a single of 14 battles. Because of bad starting gang list:) But it is still fun to play. My gang becomes more experienced and in last battles I was one step from Victory.
    This is completely as written in genestealers cults background on Necromunda.
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  9. Atom-Cat

    Atom-Cat Juve

    I’m in the same boat. 4 games and 1 win. And that was more because my opponent had an emergency and had to bail.

    My gang is weak, and makes just enough money to replace its casualties after each game but doesn’t get to spend that money on good gear... the other gangs get to buy fancy trinkets and ohk weapons while my guys are giving hand me down autoguns to each new ganger.

    Guess in this campaign my guys story is one of struggle and woe. But that’s their story and it’s still fun.
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  10. Fold

    Fold Gang Hero

    At times like this one must turn to the story of Underhand:


    I’m sure that the N17 and ORB experience of being a massive underdog with no sympathetic arbiter are somewhat different, but still, there are probably lessons to be learned. And if not, you can just enjoy the read!
  11. spafe

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    I'm so glad others still remember and reference that campaign. Was so motivating. Proper gutted it never got concluded
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  12. Benoksen

    Benoksen Ganger

    The campaign aspect, one of the most important things in the whole game in my opinion, is seriously neglected in N18. I'd say the Dominion rules are around halfway finished. The designers have simply decided to let issues like a challenging system, underdog mechanics and more stay open, basically saying "have an arbitrator fix things". So, what is more or less destined to happen when a group doesn't have an arbitrator is that some gangs will snowball ahead and those that start off bad will continue to fall behind. Winning gangs will get all the fun toys to win more games, while the underdog will keep getting slapped around, scraping by only to pay for injuries and make up for loss of crew.
    What there is in the book is the housefavours table. Sadly very little is written about how to use it, and how it should be implemented depends on a lot of things. To begin with, how regularly your group plays and how steady players attend is one consideration.

    This spring I run a shop based campaign. We are three players that have played a few games and a couple more more that are able to play only very occassionaly. In such a setting there is a big need for houserules. The most important things I've introduced are:
    - Underdogs (not both players) roll on the housefavours table each time they meet an enemy that has a total wealth that is 200 points higher than their own. The underdog receives +1 per 300 points they are behind, to a max of +3. This method is used because the number of players in the campaign is kind of unceratain, and it's allways open to new players. Free juve is replaced with free ganger, as a new juve really isn't worth much and also interferes with gang compostion.
    - However, cash comes easy in N18 and we quickly found that this wasn't nearly enough, so we added the following: underdog get 10% of the difference in wealth as cash contribution from enemies of the upperdog before each game (threshold 100). For the hardship of meeting a stronger gang 1xp per 100 points of difference in wealth is given after the battle to be distributed evenly between fighters that participated.
    - These mechanics are used to make underdogs catch up in the campaign, not to balance play. For gameplay we use the card rules from the scenarios with tweaks for how they are chosen, and also made a system to replace cards with scummers. Basically scummers value including weapons are doubled, and they are then recuited with points used for cards, that normally being the difference in crewrating.

    We also use an upperdog tax, and have in general gone to town with houserules all over. To really get things right, implementing the campaign mechanics from Oldamunda is the way to go, and Toppsy Kretts have done great work in the link above. I see little promise in what GW comes with for campaigns, so for future gaming I will defenitely make use of Oldamunda mechanics.
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  13. Kitcar

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    Thinnly disguised pogram of wealth redistribution. Works for me. :D
  14. If you can get a copy of ORB from either 1st or 2nd Ed it has an easily convert able system you can use too for underdog and cash expenditure for bigger gangs to help limit cash supplies.
  15. LIVe13New

    LIVe13New Juve

    Don't come easy to me...
    If somebody can make balanced conversion of old underdog system - community will be appreciated.
  16. The income expenditure could be pretty much used as is and for underdog just give +1xp per 100 gr diff, is how I run my 2 campaigns, works well.
  17. LIVe13New

    LIVe13New Juve

    How about rate difference by 1000? By 2000 or more?
  18. almic85

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    @LIVe13New and @BranBuccarcher take a look at the google doc that @TopsyKretts posted earlier in this thread.

    It basically does what you want and has rules for gang rating difference amongst other things. It’s basically an update that brings the old campaign system into the new game.

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  19. Kitcar

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    Perhaps your campaigns go too long. Or perhaps.....just exactly almost long enough... :D
  20. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    What is a too long campaign? Never heard of such a thing... :p
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