Bits of War or TTCombat?

Hello everyone. I am looking for some additional MDF terrain pieces to spruce up my own table. For reference: I started with the Hive War boxed set, which comes with some walls and columns, and some scatter terrain. Now I am already busy building up my own table, mainly from MDF, wood and hard cardboard. I am looking at the various MDF options out there, and two companies sprang out for me: TTCombat and Bits of War. I am looking for people's opinion on these two, mainly in direct comparison with one another: I am interested in the price/quality ratio of each as I have yet to make a decision as where to order. I am located in the Netherlands so I can get free shipping for reasonable amounts, in that regard it does not matter much I think. Does anyone have any insights or opinions as to what terrain they like best, and why?
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So one that I would also urge you to consider is wargames tournament ( @Fat Charlie is the owner and member on here, and has provided boards at the tribemeets. So I've played on several of the boards, and also bought a fair amount for a very similar purpose to you from him. Honestly, I went with him because it was easier than sifting through TT combat stuff, but I would rate them as very similar quality (also got a venice board from TT as my comparison). I'd have a look through both sets (TT and WT) and see which you can get more for your money in terms of what bits you are after. I like the platforms as I mount them on tubs, tubes, various other things and it provides a nice level surface, then use the struts and other bits for greebling and it works really well (imo). There are also (I think both do) greebling kits, that can add some detailing to your card and other flat surfaces.

If you are only looking between TT and bits of war then all I can reccomend is that TT quality is good and their shipping was also timely, so would happily use them again (and will do for my venice board most likely). But I cant offer any experience on bits of war.

hope that helps, your table is looking fantastic btw, have watched that thread for updates :)
hope that helps, your table is looking fantastic btw, have watched that thread for updates

It did, I'm looking at Wargames Tournaments now, seems like a very affordable option, comparable to the other two. I really like their crane model! The only thing I miss from the website is the dimensions of the pieces though, which I found handy with Bits of War as I have limited storage space. Thanks for your compliment also, they are humble beginnings perhaps after almost a decade of miniature wargame atrophy. However, I am very motivated to complete the whole table and invite my friends.
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The crane is lovely having seen one first hand at the meet. I'm sure if you pm him you can get dimensions for all on the site that interest you.
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Thanks for your replies guys. For now I went with TTCombat as their products are a fair bit cheaper, allowing me to fill my table with a single order. I went with Industrial Hive Sector 3 as this fits with the aesthetics of my homemade Esher Chem Zone terrain pieces. Turns out the second floor height is almost as high as my own walkways, which makes connecting my pieces to the rest of the structures via walkways a lot easier! That being said, Bits of War will see an order from me around early December. Some of their pieces have fantastic detail, and I kinda want to gift that MDF Ork Bomber to my friend who's collected Space Orks since childhood.
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Awesome! cant wait to see how it all looks!