Blood burned memories. A short story of the 105th

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    Ten years.

    It didn't seem like that long ago to Sergeant Major Eva D’vidsin. The memory of being deployed on Armageddon, as a grunt was still fresh in her nightmares. Watching helplessly as the poorly trained, and completely unprepared newbies faced the oncoming mass of frenzied orks. Even though ten years had past, she could still feel her stomach churn at the order she remember being told to give.

    “Forget your troops Eva!” The general screamed at her, “get the command group to the hive tubes!”

    Her unit did as ordered. The screaming of the children of the elite houses of Necromunda never entering her squadrons decision making abilities. The command group got to the tube lift, as ordered. When Eva turned to go try and save as many as she could, her commander gripped her shoulder.

    “ They're gone Eva.” He said with a a soulless voice “there is no one to save. Now get in the tube, we have a war to win.”

    Ten years later, and she can still taste the burning flesh of what remained of her commanders head. There wasn't one thing from the three years of her 'tour’ of the third Armageddon war that made her regret covering her face with his blood. She saved enough members of the Necromundan 105th regiment, that lord Helmwar himself, spoke at her court-martial. The 125, guards-men and women whom she saved followed her without question for three years, playing guerilla warfare like only Necromundans could. Receiving battle commendations, and blessings from the Adapta Sorites after the Drop site ambush. She even had the respect of some Orks, after the hordes of chaos showed up. Nope he had gotten what he deserved.

    She didn't even remember his name.

    It had been ten years since she left Necromunda, as the PDF’s tithe for the third war of Armageddon. Six years and two months since coming home, forced retirement from the imperial guard, due to being too effective, and knowing too much. Yet she remembered the gratifying feeling of his blood running down her face like it had just happened.

    Retirement, never was her cup of tea. The savage Orks, and more so the Hounds of Chaos, haunted her sleep. Then again, once in the guard, always in the guard. Everyone from the squabbling houses, to Lord Helmwar himself, asked for her assistance That's how she met Agnes, and how she got entangled with the Inquisition. If the last six years was retirement, death wasn't going to the break she was hoping for.

    She learned early on you had to be careful with the Inquisition. After the incident between a rogue Ordo Xeno and a Puritan Ordo Malleus, which nearly ended in an 'extriminaus’ order for all of the Cursed Peaks hive, she was weary of coming under the baleful eyes of the Inquisition again. Yet like the guard, once in their gaze, always in their gaze. The hardest part is when the Inquisition showed up, looking for you, it never ended well.

    Eva had almost killed the ordo heretic who even suggested, more genetic testing to ensure Grace wasn't a mutation. As if the Inquisition purity seals, documents, and sealed test results were not enough. Yet still the Inquisitor tried. When Grace saved him from the angry mob of actual mutants, by only turning on her pet Dragon. It's thrice blessed and fearsome form known to instill fear, even in agents of the Inquisition. The purity seals from by the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Ecclesiarchy, and the Inquisition itself, proving the worth of the woman. The Inquisitor left them alone then.

    She thought she was done. Then today, she got a letter of all things, from the last creature she ever wanted to admit that she knew. The Ordo Xenos hidden project that got the 105th off Armageddon. The Great White Ork, Freelancer, La Faucheuse Blanche. So once again into the employ of the Inquisition the remains of the 105th went. My the Emperor have mercy on those who crossed her path.
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    Will this be continued at some point, or is it a one off thing? It left me hungry for more... :)
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    Oh to be shure me buck'o. Dere be more on de way. The 105th be running with some weird crowds in their time. The great white Ork, and his roving band of crazies might save dem from something all Necromundans need to be saved from. Patience.
    Can't be spilling all me s'kreets like a lush with a open bottle o' rum. Now can we.
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    More to come soon. Me wife just gave us our third child two days after me last post, so time to write is hard to find at the moment.
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    Congratulations on your addition to your own tribe. And to Mrs @ClanBuckCANS for assisting you.
  6. ClanBuckCANS

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    Bahahahaha her assisting me. . . . . Bahahahahahaha. . . . .*muffled yelling and the sounds of a crying lad* . . . . . What's that me love?
    Aye, I'd be happy to watch the wee one, whilst ya get the sleep ya need. .
    .... her assist me bah!
    This me privilege, and an honor to be what littlw assistance me can to the wee on. . . . . * gurgle, sputtter* DEAR LORD ALL MIGHTY!!! HOW CAN SO MUCH COME OUT SUCH A WEE BODY!!!!!!
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