Bloodbath, 1 day Necromunda event, Prague, Czech

Dear Hivers!
I would like to invite you to a 1 day skirmish-narrative event called Bloodbath, taking place during times of Dark Uprising.

Event date: Sunday 5th April
Venue: Rubikon deskovky - new's gaming centre in the heart of Prague:
Capacity: 16 players
Rulespack: Bloodbath rulespack
Facebook event:

What about making a weekend trip to Prague! Enjoy the city on Saturday and have whole day rich Necromunda experience on Sunday!
We have vast range of mats and terrain to create unique battlefields.

Venue address on Google maps:

Short summary:
1500 credits gangs, one dramatis personae allowed, no trading post, no venators, only house lists.

Gangs are being "restarted" after the battle. Fighters who are rendered "OOA" will reduce their Toughness by 1. Only fighters with Toughness above 0 can be deployed for the next battle.
Fighters with lowered Toughness can do a basic action "modified Cannibalize" which will increase 1 point of Toughness for them up to the maximum of their starting level.

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Oct 30, 2016
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I’m in the middle of negotiations with Mrs Dangerous! I hope i can resolve the diplomatic crisis before all the tickets go! (It might mean I have to take her with me!)

Will it matter that I struggle with the English language, despite it being my native (and only) tongue?

Anyone else up for this?