Boltmeet UK 2023 - Event Details - 27th & 28th May 2023


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Dec 29, 2012
Boltmeet anyone?

When? 27th and 28th May 2023.
Where? Manchester Airport Premier Inn M56 Runger Lane South M90 5DL
How much? £162 divided by number of attendees (12 max)
What are you playing? BoltAction but Battletech Alpha Strike, BFG, Star Wars Armada and Infinity have all been mentioned….


The location has been decided on by being roughly halfway between the Cold and Dangerous North, the South Western Principality and making the Troll travel out of the Shire……

We originally intend on playing Bolt Action and some Robot game that the Troll doesn’t even own yet :ROFLMAO: but to be honest it’s going to be an anything goes kinda of event!

In terms of cost per person what you pay will just be the room cost £162 split* by the number of victims we gather! Let us know in the thread below if you are interested in coming?

I’ve just booked a room at the hotel and it was £85 for the night for a twin room.
Very interested, will harass all my creditors over the next week to raise room costs. Will need to borrow some forces @Stoof. However my BFG fleet will be ready by then. Will let you know for certain by the end of the week.
Well I'm definitely in, hotel booked. I'll pick up a B-A rulebook before then. Thanks for the lift offer clockwork I'll workout how I'm travelling to the grimdark north closer to the time.
I'd potentially love to come down (and have more incentive to paint up some 'mechs), but with rooms starting from £155 I'd need a roommate to split the cost, as well me paying my way for the conference room and the petrol to get there and back.

@CaptainDangerous ?
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Is this for one or two nights as it was still coming up at £86 for the Saturday when I booked last night. Even checked again after I your saw post.
Both nights. I'm not getting up in the middle of the night on Saturday morning and driving down, I'll drive down on the Friday and get a good night's sleep beforehand.
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Fair one, apologies we picked based more on location/venue price. It’s 2 hrs across for me so I’m just going for one night, will leave Troll Towers at about 6ish
Fair one, apologies we picked based more on location/venue price. It’s 2 hrs across for me so I’m just going for one night, will leave Troll Towers at about 6ish
To be fair, anything over 2 hours drive, especially when I haven't been there before is a contender for an overnight stay for me.

Drove to Halifax for a wedding one time, did there and back through one of the worst storms in recent history, would have loved to have had a hotel booked to avoid all that.
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Cool we’ve reached a numbers tipping point where we can collect some dosh from everyone - let’s say £20 per person (£162/9=£18) any left over can pay for cakes or something.

Paid on my credit card so no real rush DM me and I’ll give you my PayPal/Bank Details.
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Pencil me fellow yaks! I have been playing bolt action regularly, its a pretty simple mechanic but really swingy too! im enjoying it for sure. Got a relatively large force of British and Germans I could bring. Maybe some bits and bobs of scenery (if it ever comes out of storage!)

a thought on size of army - we play 1000, 1250 and 1500pts. last 1500 took 4hours! I’m a slow player (really thoughtful - not at all chatty!)
However, 1000 points I don’t feel is enough for fun big toys (tigers/88’s/Churchill’s etc.)

something to bear in mind…

also Infinity I have a collection of - haven’t played for years but I love that game!

I did enjoy the last meet so yeah pencil me in please, I will be definitive closer to April (depends on work).
My BA forces are all set up for around 1000pts with a few options. I've found that makes for a nice choice of units and a decent game which doesn't drag on, in my admittedly fairly limited experience anyway.