Boltmeet UK 2023 - Event Details - 27th & 28th May 2023

Looks like I'm going to have my own force after all. Might have to take a couple of days off to get it painted though


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While this is very much a casual event, I figured it would probably be best to specify some army formation guidelines so people can plan ahead and cut down on list writing on the weekend. Let me know you have any objections, additions or suggestions for these or other games.

Bolt Action:

1000 points.
Single reinforced platoon.
Max one flamethrower unit.
Any theatre selectors or generic reinforced platoons are ok.
Try not to cheese it too much.
Scenarios from main rulebook suggested.


300 points (the forces from the 2nd scenario in the Alpha Strike starter set are a little above 300 but can easily change pilot skills and variants to make them 300).
Minimum 1 Lance / equivalent
Max 1 company / equivalent
Formation special rules in effect.
No special pilot rules or battlefield support.
Scenarios from Commanders Edition book.
Feel free to use variable damage rules if you want to try them out. (I like Death From Above Wargaming house rule for this although Guerrilla Miniature Games and the Commanders Edition book have various different rules for variable damage).

EDIT: Lowered BT forces from 350 to 300. Starter set clan force is only 314 points with insane skill levels so easier to reduce than increase. Smaller forces = more games. Feel free to bring more and play some larger games if you like.

List builders:
Bolt Action
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BFG Games:

Run wot you brung, I'm sure we'll work something out.
Pretty much. As you roll on a chart to see how large the fleets are its just easier to bring a load of stuff and build lists on the fly. I'd suggest printing the rules for every ship you want to use so you're not fannying about looking through books on the day.
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Hello yaks, terrible news I will not be able to make bolt meet as I am purchasing an apartment that wkend instead… :( it has taken almost the whole year to resolve which is why I haven’t been as active on yaks for a while, but finally young Edster will have a hobby hole to call his own. I intend to cram it with glass shelves from ikea and destroy the pile of shame! In the meantime, my apologies and I would love to do bolt meet in the future - it’s gonna be an awesome meet! Have a good one you guys
Warlord have a 20% coronation sale this weekend. If anyone needs some final few reinforcements.
The SAS and LRDG are in progress, initial spray, wash and drybrush done, lots of details still to do - plus a suitably SAS officer and demolition squad.


One jeep has no driver as, in true Warlord Games fashion, it came with two gunners and no driver (seriously, I've ordered from WG four times and three times the order has had at least one kit incomplete).

Their customer service is good though, so driver is on the way. Hopefully receive some spare SAS-style heads shortly too for the officer/demo squad.

SAS seems to be one of the special Bolt Action cases where it's worth taking a higher ranking officer than just a 2nd Lieutenant.