N18 Books in revised versions?

Phew, with all the uncertainty and the big mess, my head is spinning and I can't see through it anymore.

Everything could be so easy and simple! For example, if you edit a book, you could post the changes on Facebook, you could provide an updated FAQ. You could even post the changes to White Dwarf for cut and paste.

When you think of the annoyance of the customers and imagine the many channels that are available to GW and compared to the small effort it takes, it is a waste of reputation, resources and money! - And experience has shown that the fish always stinks from the head.
Dudes... in a moment of weakness I got House of Faith from GW at its old very expensive price rather than its new extremely expensive price.

I checked the credits page. Second Printing.

So I quickly checked the list of errors and for the ones I looked at, they’ve been corrected.

Ogryn now has an actual Ogryn profile.
Zealot Promotion is only to a Redemptionist Specialist

Shotgun Inferno pg120 now has 5+ Am and Blaze.

However the Cawdor leader skills still has shooting as secondary not savant so that’s probably intended.

Now the other question I have is “is there an error list for Book of Peril”?
Because on Pg50 it talks of a “Hive Quake” if the first D66 roll is an even number. But that doesn’t exist, they clearly mean “Dome Collapse” which is on the table next to it.

So, what else is odd in this book (first printing as they doesn’t specify anything else)?
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