Bora's Goliath Project


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Mar 24, 2023
Hello everyone, this is Bora from Turkey and I was recently introduced to Necromunda by a friend. I've been interested in 40k and WHFB 9-10 years ago but didnt touch anything since 2012. And have to say i was very much vanilla, everything by the box art and all. Now I made my return to the hobby and found my passion in Necromunda, and I'd like to share my gang with the tribe!

Disclaimer: I'm a total newbie to the game and the lore, so I may write some things that doesnt make much sense. If you are a knowledgable person I'd be so happy for some leads and edits on my brief stories.

My gang is called Elektron, it is a gang lead by a Natborn Goliath D-Crow (name may change in the future), son of a major forge tyrants of the house. D-Crow is relatively young but has some underhive experience under his belt. In his most recent venture he was going to die but with the help of new found allies he overcome the terrors and survived. He came back to his father proud with his new comrades, a heresy era power armour and many scars but his victory was looked down upon.

D-Crow was restless over the disrespect but he turn the other cheek and devoted himself to his comrades and their process of joining the house officially. During the process' there were talk of an important mission and without any information D-Crow ran to his father and took over the gig.

I'll be showing the gangers one by one with their personal stories.

Zeval (Bruiser Specialist)

Delved into underhive many times in search for his lost sister, followed whatever clue she found but ended up with nothing again. Last time was end of the line for her if it wasnt for D-Crow and others, so she gratefully accepted joining him and D-Crow promised to help try to find her sister.

Thanks for reading, I'll be posting new gangers, finished and concept stages every few days.
That's a great pose! Is the skull-mask head from the Dome Runner model?
Pretty sure you have to hit Juvie status in order to unlock the edit function. (Juvie is 10 posts)
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Hello again, had alot of sculpting done today, and here to share another ganger! Also as Punktaku mentioned I dont have the power of edit as of now so I'll add the parts of previous ganger below.

Chrome (Forge Boss)

He is a former Cawdor both blessed and cursed by luck. In a brutal fight against an Orlock gang, he was struck with a grenade which tore his right arm and blasted most of his face, in the heat of the moment both gangs consider him dead and left him there in the mess. But somehow he came to himself, even with all the blood loss, somehow found his way to a doc and got his state stabilized. After coming to his senses he did whatever job he could and got himself his bionic right arm which gave him his new name.

He was one of the major reasons that D-Crow survived his injuries, and in return D-Crow made him his right-hand man and gave him all new items. Although he was going to go through the goliath process, the time was not enough for him so they postponed it.

PARTS USED: Older chaos cultist's torso, corpse grinding cults juve legs, a necron arm, a goliath rivet cannon, ironhead squat prospectors backpack and accessory.
PARTS USED FOR ZEVAL: Forgeborn female body, dome runner head, ammo-jack backpack, goliath grenade launcher.

Thats all for now thanks for reading!
I love where this project is going :)

Goliaths have a lot of customisation available via gene-smithing, so it's great to see models that have more variation than the standard "straight out of a vat" Goliath Ganger template.
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I’m excited about the rest of your conversions. The poses are cool and the mixture of parts is well thought out
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