Border Dispute and Gaining Special Turfs


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Jun 20, 2018
So the rule book doesn't explicitly state that you can only gain Special Turf in Border Dispute if the other player has a Special Turf to steal.

It seems to say that you can gain Special Turf any time you gain Turf, and thus, should you steal 3 Turf from another player, you get a Special Turf with a D6 4+.

This is now interpreted by our Arbitrator to mean that should the losing player have Special Turf, it is lost with a D6 and gained by the winner, but if the loser has no Special Turf, the winner will still gain one with a 4+.

Now, I know what the Arb says, goes, but I got permission to ask the general consensus on this.

I also feel that adding another way of generating Special Turf besides the 3+/4+ followed by 6+ in the Stand-Off scenario into the campaign is detrimental to the mechanics.

What do you guys think?


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Dec 29, 2017
You need permission to ask? So happy my group don't play with arbitrators :p

To be honest, the whole "turf war" / "special territories" is no longer part of official N17. When I played Turf War, I wanted to get those special territories so we interpreted it in the most liberal way.


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Oct 30, 2014
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Depends if you think the winner of the border dispute can gain 3 turf while the loser only loses 1.

If yes then it could also make sense to gain special turf whether the opponent loses one as well.

Also FYI there are new rules for border dispute in the gang leader pack that make you only gain/lose 1 turf/territory at a time.