N18 Border Dispute Question


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Jun 7, 2011
Hey there,

Just starting a N18 camping and the first mission we played last night was border dispute. Had a question about how the scenario ended.

We both bottled and on the last turn of the game all my opponents fighters have been taken OOA or fled. Same for all my fighters EXCEPT for 1 seriously injured guy.

Once his last fighter flees, how does the scenario end?

Do I roll to see if my guy recovers, and if he rolls a flesh wound I win per the scenario conditions.

If he remains seriously injured (either because I don't roll or I roll and he remains that way), I assume the game ends in a draw as I don't meet the victory conditions.

Do I still count as defiling his relic since I still have a fighter on the board and he has none?



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Dec 29, 2017
Here are the facts:
  1. The battle ended (only gone gang remained)
  2. Your win condition was not met (you only had seriously injured fighter remaining)
Therefore it is a draw. No Leader automatically defiles the enemy relic. The seriously injured fighter must roll 3+ or succumb to injuries (suffer a Serious Injury roll).


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Feb 4, 2014
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The battle immediately ends at the end of a round that either player has fighters left no the battlefield. If one player voluntarily Bottled and fled the field, the other wins. This is specific to the scenario. These are not generic instructions. Barring that, what TK said.

A lot of the original scenarios end with one gang removed from play. That encourages fighting rather than accomplishing a "mission." Later scenarios can be more goal oriented. What can (and will) come up is if one player Bottles and flees (voluntary or not). And the scenario ends before the remaining player accomplishes a goal (say collecting Loot ). Then, the winner may not get any post-game rewards. Or, the players decide to "co-operate" and not fight, but to each gather loot, etc. Which can lead to massive rewards. Which will mess with the campaign. We tried to house rule. Say, last man standing gets the Loot. But that can also encourage just fighting instead of accomplishing a goal. Which kind of makes the whole goal thing superfluous. You can house rule that, or not. But, it will come up.
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