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So having had a completely different result to what i'd expected, I am going to do a new 2nd chapter, teach me to plan out scenarios to far in advance....

The Gentle Giants, Chapter 2.

Following the botched assassination attempt the surviving Giants have spent the last cycle traipsing through a pitch black tunnel to surface in a new dome.
As they progress into the area they see the odd House Goliath marker, before in the distance making out heavy stubber fire and the light from what looks like an outpost watchtower in the distance.
As the gang move closer they can make out a Goliath shape on the watchtower taking sporadic shots at what could only be described as Sump ghouls. Taking the initiative jackrone orders his last few giants forward in the hope of killing of the sump scavs and recruiting the inhabitants of the watch tower.

The game is going to be played over a 4x3 table with the giants at one end, the outpost at the other and the ghouls lurking in between tyring to get into the outpost and eat the inhabitants.
There will be 2/3 occupants (yet to decide) one of which will either be armed with a heavy stubber or using a fixed mount one on rampart, the others will be on lower level. they will not attempt to leave the outpost unless a Giant makes it within 8" of the outpost walls.

the ghouls who were building courage to charge, will split with 75% making a move towards outpost other 25% will move towards giants.

I'm going to be using my flesh eater courts models and one of the BSF models as the gribbly dudes, as this was a good excuse to get some speed painting done and try the contrast paints i'd been given.

Edit added pics ;)
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Had intended to, but then I also quite like it looking factory fresh in some ways...
Will see how my attention span lasts, plus I need to paint an arms master for next battle rep so may put weathering on hold till I've got that one done ;)
Thankfully most of the storage containers and the generators came from swapping old unused stuff on FB, someone even swapped a baneblade for old conquest magazine bits ;) the ridgehauler was from a 3rd party as well.
So had a busy weekend finally painting the Enforcers that came with Dark uprising...

Then put some texture onto my gsc which has been on the shelf since Munda relaunched and I stopped playing 40k ;)

Saving this for a campaign;
Industry returns,

during this phase the gangs gain access to the Trade post as guilders return to do business, and the larger territories begin to reopen. From now on gangs can access the legal options at the post. The Black market has yet to truly re-establish itself...

With the larger more affluent territories opening more resources are available and the gangs can now hold a maximum of two territories at a time before having to choose which to discard if a 3rd is won. With the work being easier to find the wealth of easy recruits has dried up and settlements go back to their usual rules.

Travel has also become easier so the gangs with Brutes can now also issue challenges for territory.

once the previous phase ends and at the end of this occupation phase a downtime cycle will occur as per the usual dominion rules.
1st phase rackets,
As with the territories still being in the most basic form so are the rackets that a gang can run. Instead of trying to hold on to a territory a gang can instead control one racket, however only two in total of either type can be held at one time, as when discarding a territory a gang can claim income, boons etc one last time before discarding.
1st phase rackets;
Production skimming,
Caravan route control,
Settlement protection,
Bullet cutting,
Blood pits,
Redemptionist backers,
Whisper Brokers,
Outhive smuggling routes.
More rackets will become available as the settlement begins to grow and the last of the territories is back in action....