Botchits workshop

So I've added purple ink to half the pools and some blue contrast on the red on which I have the feeling is the main culprit of the wiggle syndrome that had been afflicting the board.
With green glaze and contrast over the others to bring them all a bit more together. Going to grab som multicolour flocks and ink the board after the last layer of resin on these sides and move on to the real project of the sea Scape.
Have redone the surface of the board after the varnish mishap, will add a fresh and final layer of resin to the pools once the sea side is completed.

Not as happy with them as I was hoping, but they are the off sides...

Got the purple base paint for the sea done on both and added the sand coast to the small board, found a pink and red sprays to give some life to the boards too.
Have yet to add any to the big board, but about to go out and make some use of the nice evening as ended up driving halfway across the countrylast night to rescue my railway stranded daughter after the train company cancelled their train and didn't supply a bus to get them back on route ....
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I like the purple sea! What varnish mishap are you referring to? There’s no post about a varnish mishap! Inquiring minds want to know!
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I'd not used a spray varnish on the board, as I'd been kerfuddled by one of the mini trolls, when I brushed the varnish on it had picked up the dust materials on top and made a munge of it, the sand clumped and the varnish went cloudy with particulate almost like a cloudy slime had been pasted over it, looked absolute pants...
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Aye didn't want to do the same old thing, going to add a rich purple resin layer to help mute the brightness by the shore of the pink and then see if we can get a couple of colour swirls in there on the next coat. Going to finish doing the coast piece and have its spray varnish later done before I pour any resin this time too.
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Looking forwards now to getting the resin on and hopes it keeps a lot of that effect, seemed to work fairly well on the tester pieces I did on the other side.
Also have some flotsam and jetsam bits i need to spread about and texture in when I do the pour so need to play about a bit with how those will be spaced too.

Really hard to get photos of resin, also doesn't help one of the lights has a slight pink tinge which sends the colours a bit mad...
But, the waves are on and just hoping it doesn't change to much before it all sets ;) will get final pics once I've given the shore a touch up.
Industry returns,

during this phase the gangs gain access to the Trade post as guilders return to do business, and the larger territories begin to reopen. From now on gangs can access the legal options at the Trade post. The Black market has yet to truly re-establish itself...

With the larger more affluent territories opening more resources are available and the gangs can now hold a maximum of two territories at a time before having to choose which to discard if a 3rd is won.
With the work being easier to find the wealth of easy recruits has dried up and settlements go back to their usual rules.
Also due to all the extras going on gangs can only claim income from the non base territory once per cycle and will need an uninjured "ganger" to work the territory. Territories/rackets that give a blanket buff in game are also affected by this rule after each game not just the games where income is collected eg Blood pits and Prometheus cache.

Travel has also become easier so the gangs with Brutes can now also issue challenges for territory.

Once the previous phase ends and at the end of this occupation phase a downtime cycle will occur as per the usual dominion rules except only gangs with a gangrating under 1250 receive the usual 250 creds. Gangs with a higher rating may go to their house and roll on the appropriate favours table subtracting their Reputation score from the roll.

Industry returns territories
Refuse Drift, life coin exchange,
Drinking Hole, Gambling empire,
Narco den, Narco distribution,
Smelting works, witch Hunters,
Tunnels, Spire patronage,

Palatine fortress (Enforcer controlled only)

Gangs with a rating on 1500pts have to spend 5 creds per gang member after each game in expenses as the local populace realise they are becoming wealthy targets..
Gangs with a rating over 2000 have to pay 10 creds per gang member, hangars on are included in these costs.
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Jugger Bowl

in the direct centre of the battlefield should be a 6" bubble clear of territory where the "Ball" is to be placed, if the board has more than one level then the ball will always be placed on the topmost. then in each gangs deployment zone in a direct line and directly opposite each other will be the gangs spike.

Crews; Each gang may select 5 fighters to take part with no additions for any reason. Brutes may be taken but count as 2 fighters.
Weapon Prohibition; models may only use weapons that have a max range of 12" any other weapons are unusable in the match.
thrown weapons are the exception to this range rule.

Tactics; Both gangs get 3 tactics cards +underdog if applicable.

Deployment; Both gangs must deploy at least 12"+ from the ball,/central line on their Baseline or behind. Any traps, terrain etc the gang are normally allowed to use may only be deployed within their half of the pitch.

Battle ends; When one team puts the skull on the spike of the opposite team...
one team has no active fighters or if the other team has conceded, which it may only do after receiving over 50% casualties.

Winner receives 2d6 x10 creds + additional d3x10 for each out of action caused* , +3 rep.
Loser receives D6 x10 creds + additional d3x10 for each out of action caused*, +1 Rep.
standard xp gains apply plus additional;
+d3xp for touch down.
+1xp for successful "pass" thrown at ranges of Sx2 or greater.
+1xp for successful "Catch" of passes at ranges of Sx2 or greater.
+1xp for successful "Interception" of any "Pass".
*Memorable deaths inflicted receive an additional D6 x 10 creds.

Special actions; may be used instead of standard actions.

"Pass"; Using Bs fighters may throw the ball up to 3x S in the same manner as a grenade however the "Ball" is at +1 to hit at Sx", -1 to hit at Sx3", if they pass is unsuccessful the ball will scatter d6". If successful the receiving fighter must make a
"Reaction catch" if the throw is successful or the ball scatters within an 1" then an initiative check is made to catch the ball.
these actions can not be performed whilst engaged with an enemy model.
"Interceptions"; If an active, ready, unengaged fighter is within an 2" of the path of the ball, they may make an initiative check at -1 to intercept the ball, if they are successful move them to be in a direct line of the travel and give them the ball they then lose their ready marker.
Blitz; when charging instead swap normal attacks for 1A @ S+1 with Knockback, if the Knockback is successful fighter may continue their movement allowance towards either the ball or opponents spike.
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