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The Ballad of Waxy Bob...

These days "Bob" is a follower of the redemption, after they had found him wandering the shores of the sump sea muttering incoherently, occasionally spouting the locations of old places of interest and the cartographic information of that area...

Bob or as he once known "Chrisius Collubus" was a cartographer for the Air guild, who after his airship crashed took a serious head injury causing him to lose all conscious memory.
He now mutters near constantly random information and struggles with not absent mindedly just wandering instead of paying attention to his surroundings....

The Air guild want Bob back and have issued a bounty for his retrieval from the Cawdor unwashed masses.
If a gang can capture Bob they will on the successful post game intelligence check question Bob for information on where the wreck of the HMS Enterprise and it's cargo of archeotech. Once a gang has claimed three pieces of info they may launch an exploration attempt.
From now on when a gang takes Bob out of action roll a d6 on a 2+ Bob has been captured, on a 1 he takes a serious injury roll as usual and is not captured.
Gangs that successfully capture Bob receive d3x10 creds from the information gabbled out after a game in addition to any other rewards from the match.
Once Bob has been captured any gang may try to perform the rescue mission not just the owners gang.
Cabal-Voxl opens the Arena in Port Kraken.

Cabal-Vox has set up a station in Port Kraken to transmit vox and tel broadcasts of the bloodier games up hive.
A particular viewer favourite are the Juggerbowl games, dating back to ancient Necromundan history when the House Nuffel was a major player in the game of houses. The games pit two teams against each other in a bloody battle to place the skull on the opponents spike.

The First Jugger cup has been announced and gangs are invited to join this one day bloodbath.
Gangs may choose a team of 8 fighters to take part, once a ganger has taken an injury that send them into recovery they can no longer take part in the days games, also any docs fees are paid for by CabalVox. If a gang falls below 3 fit fighters it can no longer take part.

The gang are playing for 3 prizes;
First ; Juggerbowl cup (mung vase) exotic furs, team jersey (uphive raiments), juggerbowl medal (opulent jewellery).
Second; exotic furs, team jersey, medal.
Third ; Team jersey, medal.
All gangs that take part in the tournament will also receive a 150creds participation payment and a medal for the leader if they haven't already taken a pole position.
The Race to the Nostromo.

The gangs all now know the location of the Nostromo and a race to get there before the faithful Rats scuttle the ship and it's artifacts go beneath the waves...

Using an 8x4 with the ship set in the centre.
The Rodents Rot may set up there fighters anywhere on the ship and it's boats must be within 12" of the ship.
The rest of the players then set up in contact with the table edge within 12" of each other, in order of who held Bob the longest first, those who have failed to capture Bob come on any battle edge at the end of the first turn.
For each time a team captured and held Bob, they may make a simple move when another gang is deployed to a max of 3 moves.

crews; the gangs may use all of the boats they have and up to three fighters on each, plus any fighters with a personal mount. Anything slower is left behind.
The Defender may take their entire gang.

Gangs receive 1 random tactic card a turn.

Game ends on the 6th turn when the ships demolitions go off.
Rewards are to be disclosed to players who claim one of the three artifacts after the game is complete.
Gangs who take part receive d6x10 creds for surviving.
All fighters who take part in the battle receive d3xp.
The Defending leader receives d6 xp for scuttling the ship.
D3xp for any fighter who claims an artifact..

Special rules.
All fighters apart from the Rodents must roll against their will when they step onto the ship or fall subject to insanity.
Waxy Bobs mad wanderings,
Waxy Bobs head injuries which he sustained in the crash took most of his conscious memory away and left him with extreme confusion and moments of hallucination. The recent high stress hostage situations he has been at the mercy of have not helped...
At these points his now malfunctioning cogitator chips take over and start drawing maps on the nearest available walls. These will be high quality and gangs that find them can make use of the information.
The air guild implants have made Bob into an escape artist and help divert possible attacks, not that anyone will want to hurt him with all the money that can be made from his maps when he is captured and used to draw maps for the gangs...
The Guild believes he also holds very important information from his last mission which gangs can try to find out from him themselves, they may be able to get the prize first.

Rules; Bob must always be included in a gang and does not count towards scenario maximums.
Waxy Bob must pass a ( int/Wil) test or he will roll a d6 if unengaged
1-3 lose contact with reality and revert to drawing maps on the nearest available wall section.
4-6 wander off, move Bob 2d6" in a random direction.
If Bob is engaged he will act as normal as self preservation kicks in, but will try to go back to his scribbling as soon as he can so Wil not coup de grace, instead he will move 4" to the nearest wall.
Bob can avoid these effects by staying within 2" of his gang leader.

Bob must be take alive! No ranged attacks may be made against Bob that can cause a lasting injuries table roll, in melee only attacks that do not have an Ap may be used against Bob and instead of rolling for injury he is automatically treated as out cold.
Bob is now treated like an ammo crate (does not affect ammo rolls) and may be dragged back to the gang hideout if;
The gang wins the battle and has a fighter closest to Bob at the end of the game.
Bob is dragged off the board by the captor or within 3" of the capturing gangs deployment battlefield edge.
If a gang manages to capture Bob after the game they receive an extra d6x10 creds from the maps he produces.
The gang leader or champs may try to question him, if they can pass an intelligence check they receive a piece of info regarding Nostromo.
This will take up that fighters after game actions and can only be attempted once per battle.
Once a gang has captured Bob any gang may attempt to rescue him, if so they are then allowed to question Bob. Gangs need to be successful three times to get all the info out of Bob needed to find out what and where the Nostromo is.
Bob is an amazing escape artist, his implants have the ability to unlock all doors without need to take an action when Bob wanders and he gets to roll an extra dice for any escape rolls in addition to having the escape artist skill. On scenarios where Bob moves randomly to escape he can always make his full double move instead.
If Bob is held by a gang that can't attend a session he automatically escapes and returns to the Rodents.
During any games the capturing gang play where they hold Bob hostage, he must be represented in game and have a jailor stay within 1" of him at all times to make sure he doesn't wander off. If for any reason in the end phase there are no fighters in 1" Bob wanders 2d6" in a random direction. If he wanders off the Board he returns to the Rodents.

Bob is not included in the starting line up for Juggerbowl.
During the blood bowl matches from the Rodents Third game onwards or after they leave the tournament, on a 6+ during the Rodents end phase Bob will randomly wander 2d6 from the deployment zone.
Add 1 to the roll for each additional turn after the first. This can be in any game after the Rodents have lost a match too, until they do it is only in their games this roll is made.
During these he will wander from a random side at the central line and act as above without the need for a test as it counts as automatically failed.

In matches after this point he may turn up randomly as well at a point 2d6" from the central point in a random direction, not within 3" of another fighter, on a 2d6 + turn roll of 13 or more if he is not already in another gangs custody or in play on another board, please let the Arbitrator know once Bob is captured so the info can be shared to all players.
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The Great Sump Gate is re-opened.

The Sump sea gates have reopened and the Guilds have returned, mechanics and traders are flocking to the Port, especially after CabalVox has also opened its main arena here for Juggerbowl.

from now a gang may hold a maximum of four territories. These must still be worked by a fit ganger to receive income.
These are still only collectable twice per cycle.

Each Gang receives 500 credits to spend on boats, these credits can only be used for vehicle and mount costs. Please make a note on your gang page and send a copy of what you have over for checking. Add a bracket after gang name with ( boats total; ***)
A Booklet with boat information is available in Kraken.
Gangs may use any credits they have in their stash as well to outfit their boats and may visit the tradepost for additional vehicle gear from now on. Each boat costs 10 creds after game for fuel, bullets and supplies.

From now on gangs provide most of their own food via fishing, so gangs only pay fighter expenses once per cycle to represent beer and bullets. Boats need to be refueled etc for each battle still.
Settlements go back to standard with regards free recruits.
Gangs who pay expenses may still make a house favour roll once per week using standard rules.
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Thank you, will get some pics of it at its new home once we finished the Juggerbowl tournament and start our Sump sea games ;)
Lord of the Spire,

Gangs race to the top of the Cabal vox tower to push the big red button to win the games.

4 players = 3 fighters,
3 players = 4 fighters,
2 players = 5 fighters.


A central tower is built as high as possible and each gang then sets up an equal distance away from each other and the tower on the edge of the battlefield where a "base" should be set up.
Players roll off to determine who sets up in which base.
Tunnels, needleways, infiltration etc may not be used.
Any ability that turns the lights off is prohibited
As are any means of having additional crew members except pets.
Maximum of one pet per team.

Each base has a marker that needs to be defended. If an opponent shoots a marker and hits a fighter is removed from the game and may not be substituted. If an enemy moves into base contact with the marker the team is removed.
if a gang member is taken OoA, a replacement may be brought in from the remaining gang at the beginning of the next turn and is deployed in the gangs base.
Models that are down and are able to crawl back to the marker can also be substituted and recover with no lasting injury check needed.
No docs bills for critical injuries.

The Big red button.
The first unengaged fighter to start an activation in contact with the big red button can hit it and earn 100 creds. The fighter has to start a new turns activation in contact with the button to be able to hit it.
If the button is not hit there is no prize money.

Gangs do not take bottle tests and may only bottle voluntarily.

The game ends once the Big red button has bit hit or only one gang remains.

+5 XP winning team leader,
+5 xp hitting big red button,
+1 xp for each level climbed. Non repeatable.
+1xp for shooting opposing team marker,
+5 xp getting into base contact with opposing team marker.
Whacky Races,

Cabal Box are holding a race by the gates to the Ash Wastes. Gangs have been invited to take part and show who has the toughest fleet.
They must reach the beacon and return to the start line of the course to claim the Grand prize.

This is an AW game, preferably played on an 8'x4' table, start line 12" in from one (short) end with a marker 12" from the opposite edge in the centre. This is the race turn checkpoint and must be passed before returning to the now finish line at the other end of the board.

4 players = 5 crew,
3 players = 6 crew,
2 players = 7 crew.
Gangs should (not must) use as many mounted fighters and vehicles/transports as the can but any crew who do not have a mount or being transported on a vehicle may be deployed as "Ambushers".

Players roll to determine priority of deployment on the start line. Crews at the starting line should deploy within 12" of each other.and no closer than 3" to an enemy fighter.

Gang tactics
Gangs may pick one tactic to start the game and then each start phase after the first round a random tactic may be drawn by each gang.

Ending the Battle. The game ends when a gang gets a vehicle or mount to the beacon and back to the start line, or only one gang has vehicles left.

Gangs can only Win by crossing the line whilst there are other enemy vehicles still functioning.

100creds crossing the Line.
D6 x 10creds for taking part.

+1 xp taking part
+1 xp vehicle crew/mounted fighters who pass the check point.
+4xp vehicle crew/mounted fighters who pass the finish line 1st.

+3 Rep for crossing the line 1st.
+1 Rep gangs taking part.

Gentleman's Start,
During the first round of the game no ranged attacks, charges or deliberate rammings may be made by any gang.
During the 2nd round no ranged attacks may be made and from the third round gangs may fight as usual.

Fighters not deployed on a vehicle or mount may set up following the standard rules for infiltrators within the opposite half of the board to the start line. They may not make ranged attacks till turn 3.