Botchits workshop

I've become a huge fan of them, a friend has already agreed to do me a bottle of gloops worth next payday so I can build an old school spore cave and have a couple as ghast markers ;)
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Possible Saint ideas;

Conduit must avoid being hit by enemies during the battle.
Gang; pre battle reveal D3 enemy tactics.
If Tactic is played on conduit after completion roll a d6 on 4+ replacement card may be drawn randomly.

Conduit must end activation next to some form of cover.
Gang; friendly fighters gain an additional -1 to hit against ranged attacks when in cover or an additional +1 save against blasts when in cover.
Conduit; once per game may teleport from cover to cover within 8" ignoring intervening terrain. This may be used to enter close combat but no charge bonus is gained.

The Spore Mother;
All fighters in gang must spend first action point of each game planting spores.
Gang; after each game may always use 1 dose of stinger mould and it also counts as common for trade purposes.

The Pit Survivor;
The gang must have 5 fighters survive a round of combat.this can be separate fighters or one fighter surviving five rounds.
Gang; fighters receive an additional +1 to saving throws in Melee.
Conduit; melee attacks against conduit have AP reduced by 1.

Waste Walkers;
Gangs may only purchase Black market, badlands or common equipment. If a gang purchases rare items from the standard trade post they are sanctioned.
Gang; +3" to visibility and a 6+ save Vs environmental effects/damage.
Conduit, ignores environments and difficult terrain and counts as wearing photo goggles.