Brand new player, Orlock gang advice wanted!

Well once you post one more message we wil lknow you arnt a robot (or a scary pitslave cyborg!) as you need 10 posts to be a juve rank, and you can use the Gallery function, upload yourself pics into a gallery, then there is a little button to the right of the smiley face above where you are writing this message, that should let you select the pics and bring them into a thread.
No no no no no no!!!

You're doing it all wrong.

Yes your orlock list may have been good. It may have won you a game. But if you want to do things properly follow these simple steps

1. A leader with meltagun
2. 5 gangers, armed with anything
3. 6 juves, yes that's right, 6 juves. Give them a pistol each
4. Bounty hunter
5. Paint them red and yellow
6. Call them Los Locos
7. Be a legend!!!

Easy. Thank me later.

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Create an album, then there should be a button called 'upload a photo' or just 'upload' something like that... and away you go! :)
if you hover over the gallery tab at the top, when the drop down menu appears, the top option is create album (or at least it is for me)


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You should probably change Alert settings so you don't receive a notification each time someone hits Like ;-)

I click on @Bluenosedtitan's profile, I see [Profile Posts], [Postings], [Information], [Gangs].
I click on @spafe's profile, I see [Profile Posts], [Postings], [Information], [Gangs], [Photos].

Clearly your spam is not complete, "New Member" has not levelled up to "Juve" :p

ps: Yaktribe Competition 10 has been announced :D
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How are you going to base them? just sand/flock, metal grating, custom basing? IMO it is little things like that that really tie models together and make them pop.

These are a great start though, and cant wait to see the rest of the gang
Teeny cogs or debris in addition to the asphalt might make the bases jump a bit more (such as from the insides of a toy car that you pull back and it zooms forwards), or you could make some tiny mushrooms and add those :-D

They're looking really cool, making me wish I had some magnets :)
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All done with building now. I need to find some toy cars to pull apart to get at their delicious cogs and bits...

They were fun to build, and I look forward to adding more to the ranks.

If you have any C&C it is appreciated, and feel free to ask any questions.

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