NCE Bringing NCE Back - Scenarios for smaller boards?


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Mar 3, 2016
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Hello everyone! After I launched a wholehearted attempt to get N17/N18 going here, we realised that...well, let's just say the guy behind it after leaving GW said he was given no time to test or do anything so yeah. Good basics there with alternating activations, but we found the jank and cheese to be beyond our pain thresholds.

Naturally, I saw the perfect solution: the community edition of the original rules! I'm currently making three gangs so I can loan a couple out as well as printing some terrain with some height to it (zone mortalis is awesome but gets a bit repetitive and favours certain gear over others).

I've also got an entire dark uprising of terrain on sprue, and 4 tiles coming for it. I'm wondering if I can leverage that stuff as a "smaller, more portable" way to get people sucked into the game before migrating to the old 4x4 and 6x4 in all their glory!

As such, i'm wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on what scenarios I could use on that smaller board so I can base the build of it around being compatible with as many of those as possible. Stuff like the classic wild west face off will obviously do, but I reckon there will be a ton of others I haven't come across yet!


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Mar 11, 2017
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If you have enough terrain all the scenarios should work great on a smaller board. The 4 x 4 is big for a game of necro really (as long as you have plenty of scatter blocking all the long fire corridors) so i’d say just go for it, try all the scenarios… a smaller board size will probably not break any of them, but they will be quicker and bloodier on a 2 x 2 for sure!
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Oct 31, 2013
I think you can modify and invent any number of scenarios to fit smaller and non-rectangular or square setups.

Problem with some Necromunda scenarios is that they seem to favour a Wargame style of play rather than RPG style. I’m not sure what’s in the vault here but you might find some cool homebrew but if not start looking for RPG elements you can include.

If you’ve got access to a ZM tables worth of scenery don’t see that as a bad thing - most of the most popular games have been dungeon crawlers!!

Take Space Crusade for example. Get two/three players to craft a small scouting party - exclude certain weapons if they’d cause too much damage (make up a reasons why; unstable structure, too narrow etc.) and make them start at “airlocks” on different sides of the gaming surface.

Get them to do a mission, make it advantageous to co-operate at certain points or even necessary to do so to get the juiciest prize. Don’t tell them though - let them work it out!

Have arbitrator controlled NPCs and traps around etc.

Necromunda doesn’t always have to be gang on gang fights. In fact it can be fun to actively make that a disadvantage for one or all players.

Nick the plot from “The Warriors” - have one Gang have to traverse several opposing gangs turf to get home. No reinforcements, limited opportunities to get extra stuff, no doctors. A good way to knobble a gang that’s got too big (especially in N17-20) and dominating the game. It will actively make them not want to engage in risky combat.

There’s a whole world of things that can be done.