Brotherhood Mining Gangs

Necromunda Brotherhood Mining Gangs 1a

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Mar 29, 2016
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Aulenback submitted a new resource:

Brotherhood Mining Gangs - An update to the ORB Squat Miners' Gang, to match new Kharadron models

The 'new' Kharadron Overlords faction from WHB seem strangely appropriate with little modification to the Ash Wastes and Outlands of Necromunda. This is a minor update to the original Squat Miners' Gang by Phil Tortorici, mostly eliminating unnecessary options that had been included to match mail-and-helmet fantasy dwarf miniatures, and including some common Trading Post items in their easily-accessible starting kit lists to help match the new Kharadron miniatures. Slow gunners using...

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An update, of sorts. An announcement on Warhammer Community of an upcoming Shadespire/Underworlds expansion gang:


Some lovely and characterful models to incorporate into a Brotherhood Mining Gang.
The 2020 Kharadron Battletome book has sparked a surge in activity among Kharadron players, but also a surge among Squat players [no, really, for true! Facebook and forums suddenly busier again]. There is, admittedly, only one new model in the release, but it is an engineer-style character with rebreather and personal dirigible [lead balloon - that is to say, "grav chute"].


Yes, that is essentially a Squat Tech Priest there.