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May 29, 2022
Many greets, all.

I'm a newb player/arbitrator and I was wondering where people get ideas from for campaigns aside from the standard Dominion/Law and Order/Uprising campaigns from the books...

I'd like to run a campaign that isn't just a dominion type, and wondered what sort of ideas people have had in their campaigns.

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May 21, 2021
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So we haven't had any meaningful campaigns since starting NeoMunda only because I'm still learning the rules (getting better every game!) but in OldMunda anything could have been an idea.

Battles for Control of a Certain territory (we had a bridge spanning an 18" wide sump river, also a super tall "sky scraper" bulkhead tower - two separate events)
Battles on the Sump Seas
Curse of the Sump Beasts (rat infestations + skaven/delaque, giant mutant praying mantis - also two separate events)
Night of the Living Dead (Zombies!)

Interested in hearing what ideas people have too.
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Jul 26, 2015
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If you're a newb, then I would suggest sticking to the rules at first, until you've got a solid grasp on them.

What are you hoping to achieve?


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Apr 4, 2017
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I don’t know if this is possible with N17+, but with ORB we got together, played a couple randomly determined games, I threw together a newsletter, and things sorta wrote themselves after that. Rivalries developed, everyone started gunning for the undefeated gang, etc. i used the newsletter to introduce weekly events and reported what happened at the previous weeks sessions. A narrative just organically developed.

The tribe meets have had a running theme from meet to meet, which they came up with. They just announced this years meet, so I’m waiting to see where they’ve gone with it.

I’ve been interested in doing a House War where everyone runs the same type of gang, but I doubt that would be interesting to many.

Sometimes coming up with a setting helps. Ash wastes? Sump seas? Frontier mining town? Border town on a freshly opened dome? If nothing else, it can help “flavor” one of the standard campaigns from the new rulesets.


Aug 23, 2018
As mentioned, if you're just starting out, stick with a basic Dominion campaign, or things will get complicated and out-of-hand very quickly. At least rules-wise. Thematically, you can go to town. Will you just be arbitrating or also playing? If you're not playing, it lets you (more fairly - at least the optics). As just the arbitrator, you have the ability to do secrety things with the other players.

Thematically, you could have a section of the hive that one of the guilds is trying to control in some way, for some purpose. They've determined that the best way to do this is to pit some of the stronger local gangs against each other. One will emerge as the strongest, while the others fall to the wayside, though at the end, even the strongest one will be weakened, and an be either brought in as a vassal gang to the guild, or taken down by dedicated guild troops.

Make yourself a set of simple cards (2-3 more than the number of weeks for the campaign), of events, and draw one either at the end of a week, or the beginning of a week. These can be random events like hivequakes or zombie outbreaks, or opening a new territory, or the guild scheming in the background. Maybe they're helping the strongest gang to dominate, or they're helping the weakest gang, to give them a chance to do more damage to the others. This could be stuff like giving a gang 100 credits to spend on any one weapon from the market up to a Rarity of 10 (they don't get to keep any extra money), or giving them a couple of Hive Scum mercs for their next battle. Maybe giving them a coupon to a very good Rogue Doc who will automatically heal (with no downtime) one of their fighters at no cost. Even a coupon that allows them to take control of a rival gang's hired "Bounty Hunter" (Hive Scum or whatnot - the ones that are only hired for the one game) at any point in a fight. Basically, the Hired Gun has been paid handsomely (or threatened) by the Guild into betraying Gang A at a point determined by Gang B.

You'd need to be a little secretive with some of these, but if you check it before reading it out to see if it's something public (like a hive quake), or something private (like the above betrayal), you can announce/assign them properly.


Aug 23, 2018
Remember that as an arbitrator not participating in the campaign, you can always easily still play as Arbites, or zombies, or guild troops, or another gang, rogue ambot, etc., for special events, or to make sure someone can get a game in if others are otherwise unable. You can also insert any of those into any other game that others are playing, especially a first game of the campaign, or a big last game of the campaign.