N18 Campaign Starting Goliath Ganger


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Mar 13, 2023
Hey all, my local group is starting up a campaign soon and I'm looking to get some advice on my starting gang. Heres what I'm looking at so far

Forge Tyrant (230): Power Axe, Furnace Plate, Nat Born w/ Prime Specimen and Tyrants own (+1 each M, T, W), Nerves of Steel
Stimmer (205): Renderizer, Furnace Plate, Dermal Hardening, Stimm Slug Stash, Nerves of Steel
Forge Boss (180): Grenade Launcher w/ smoke ammo, Stub Gun, Furnace Plate, Nerves of Steel
Bruiser Specialist (120): Grenade Launcher w/ Smoke, Furnace Plate, -1 S Reduced Bone Density
Bruiser (115): Combat Shotgun, Furnace Plate, -1 S Reduced Bone Density
Bruiser (60): Stub Gun
Bruiser (60): Stub Gun
Forge Born (30): Stub gun, Terminal Biology

The way I see it playing out is the specialiast and champion hang back and lay down suppressing fire/smoke, shotgun man protects one flank and provides covering fire with the template shots, the Tyrant and Stimmer charge in close, and the other three are bodies to clog up the board and take on targets of opportunity. Looking forward I'll get the extra guys some melee weapons, I figured basic punching at S4 is plenty for the first few games, everyone will get better armour, especially the melee leaders.
Last goliaths I ran I set off my bullies with bare fists to start with they had to punch their way into better weapons hehe.
Looks like a solid list.
Despite being the classic close combat gang Goliaths are not actually bad at shooting. They do have access to some pretty nasty mid range guns as well with bolters, combat shotguns and meltas that come to mind. I would not neglect having a ranged focused fighter in the future, maybe a Unborn with a shooting skill, to at least counter some ranged fire from others. There are times when the best course of action is a melta blast to the Ambots faceplate rather than punching it.

More Armour is good Like this guy

Or bigger badder weapons like these two.