Question Can Admin Use a Hand With of Yaktribe Necromunda Underhive Tools?

Mar 31, 2019
I'm not sure who runs the website with all the incredible Necromunda tools but first and foremost, thank you very much. It is, as everyone has said across the interwebs, wonderful. I.e.:

So I have a question. I have minimal coding experience but because my gang/campaign uses this a lot, I am wondering if whoever is working on it (I hear it's just one guy) might be interested in letting some of us help develop it or what not. There's a number of improvements to be made ofc.

This is just me on a whim inquiring, not sure just yet how much - if any - time I'd actually have to help, plus it's probably way out of my depth. But you know; can whoever it is use a hand?
A few others have posted similar inquiries. I am not in the loop at all on what happened with those. But yeah, you want to talk to @Malo about that. This is his labor of love that we’re all enjoying.
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(If you’re in Forums, the bottom entry is Members. The bottom of Members is Staff, where you can find Mods and Admins)
I can only confirm that it is indeed the grand work of a single man, our high chief, @Malo the great and powerful!

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