N18 Can Ambot be set on fire?


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Aug 8, 2019
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Hi. Got question like in the post thread. Translating to rules mechanics: do Ambot get Blaze marker when got shot by Blaze weapons (like Flamers) and if does, is it rules of putting down fire apply to him. Couldn't find clarification in books, forum or Forum Rule Book. In the latest there is note: Blaze cannot affect mechanic items (like doors), but in Ambot profile there is nothing about that. Will be gratefull for your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
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RAW, yes they're just another fighter. And despite the metal exoskeleton its still just an animals brain and nervous system etc. So in short RAW Toxin and Blaze work as normal.

However your group can Houserule it otherwise if it doesn't suit your sense of cool.

Unfortunately I don't even see anything in rules to stop blaze working as normal even on Iron Automata.
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Everything can be set on fire, except hazard suit? Somebody should make an ambit-sized one. Any exceptions to an universal rule like blaze must be clearly described on the fighter/equipmemt/skill.
Not only yes, but heck yes. One of my cherished Necro memories is setting an enemy infiltrating Ambot on fire on turn one, and it spending the rest of the game running to and fro. Some dumb House Rule would have robbed me of that. Strangely, to this day, my opponent does not share in my delight.
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Thank you all for discusion. That's why my leader is equiped with Industrial Respirator so he can ignore fire for 1 turn and get those who tried to barebeque him.
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