Can anyone help with Space Wolves?


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Mar 26, 2020
Port Talbot
SO... got my pile of shame but not a rulebook in sight.

Planning on grabbing 9th, but need some reference material for Spacewolves so we can see what kind of army this is. Does anyone have a codex they can help out with?
Honestly you might find more response on Bolter and Chainsword, doubt many users here are going to be tracking 9th releases majorly to the point they can advise others (I imagine a fair few will be tracking to a level where they know how it affects them directly).
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If you dig deep on the internet, you can occasionaly find pdf's of older codices and background material. Also, the Space Wolf series of novels by William King and Lee Lightner give an idea of background and flavour for the army.
You could try and see if there are any older out of print books on the site. I found a pdf of the original Rogue Trader (1987) that has saved my old hardback copy from being worn out.
Noble Knight games had older codex on sale for like $5. Not sure if that’s still going on.

I'm all good now though. Have since managed to spooge money on Indomitus and purchased the digital codex as well as signed up for the 40k app. Now I've got extraaaaaaaa!!!
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