N18 Can I Buy Vigilance pattern assault shield for my badzone Patrolman?


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Aug 21, 2022
like the title says,

I know the Badzone Enforcers patrolmen dont have Shields BUT in the Yaktribe trading post its lets me buy them.

Can I buy them in the trading Post and then give them the shields? Or is this just a mistake on the site.
According to the complete trading post, shields are not available at the trading post:

When it comes to the enforcer rules, their equipment lists serves better as model assembly instructions than actual rules. Yes, it is true your palanite can't have shield. However, your subjugator can have flak armour. And shield. So what's the difference? It boils down to much less than the divided equipment lists give impression of. Badzone Enforcers did the right thing removing this mostly useless distinction.
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when i said patrolmen i ment the basic gangers. they dont have shields in the equipment list.

thus why I was asking
Ganger can have shield if subjugator, just like any other subjugator?


The distinction within enforcers are between palanites and subjugators. Regardless of what fighter type it is (leader / champ / ganger).
BUT in the Yaktribe trading post its lets me buy them.
Official answer: Yaktribe tools are meant as a player aid, not a replacement for owning the rules. The tools work in a certain way due to how the clever data bases behind it work/interact, thus you will get the occasional blip like this. Follow the printed rules.

Unofficial answer, nope, no shields as they are only gangers so I believe limited to their list only. However, discuss with your gaming group, the badzone enforcers are a white dwarf list, thrown together for a magazine... it is hardly a game breaking option to give them access to shields.
Ok for badzone enforcers it's much easier. They follow the strict N20+ structure, instead of the loose N18-N19 structure. So gangers have their own list and shields ain't it in. They also don't have access to TP/BM, so even if shields were there, they still couldn't have it. And no, shields are not in TP/BM RAW, so they are effectively limited to Van Saar, Enforcers (subjugators) and Badzone Enforcers (leader & champs) only.
how do you create a badzone enforcer gang?
I've done so using the customize option and stating/pointing up your own. I could be going wrong somewhere but the only thing I couldn't find how to do was to add the rules for leaders and champs - group activation, tools of the trade etc, so put them in the notes, though those don't print on cards.