Necromunda Canned docs for everyone!

Built a rogue doc for each of the other players to kick off our new campaign and needed a fitting way to wrap their presents. So I made a thing. Or four. And one spelling mistake. :ROFLMAO:

Made with some spare cans sponsored by our cats, a little photoshop work and a printer. The players were delighted, so I suppose the cans came out nicely. I'd love to share some pics of the docs as well, but have to wait for their new owners to provide some (I totally forgot to take pictures of the miniatures...).

Great work, I am sure they were delighted!
Definitely. I forgot to make the "It's dangerous to go alone" joke and instead went for some corpse starch related laughs. 😆

A variation could be fun for something like small pringles cans.
Even though I like the cans' sturdiness over pringles cardboard, the crisps' packaging is perhaps more internationally standardised than 200g cat cans. 🤔
Also they come with a resealable lid instead of the one use only lids I made for the cans. Seems like a good idea. 😊

These are great! Curious to see the docs now
Will post them as soon as I get some pictures from the players. 😆