Capitan's Necromunda

Not a fan of this fairy power spray. 48 hour bath followed by a good scrubbing and then a second 72 hour bath and another good scrub and this is the best they came up. The paint wouldn't even budge off the leader and that juve. Back into the dettol they go...

extremely odd. I use Fairy Spray + toothbrush and it is by far best. those ratskins had first bath just little over 4 hours and fast pre scrub and 24 hours almost bare metal. I had to leave couple dudes for extra soaking for about another 24 hours and it was final.. Only problem was some smaller holes, but I scraped them of with scapel (or something like that, dunno excatly what the sculpting tool is supposed to be said in English)

Perhaps the models were painted with something more sturdy.

Some other works from me. Van saars are scrubbed off (the original pictures can be found on the bottom) I apparently never took before pixture from the skeleton horsemen ;) They were soaked in so thick paint that it took three separate scrubbing sessions to get them clean ;)
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That is odd, yes. Oh well, next batch I need to strip, I might leave submerged in a glass jar for a week and then try scrub them. Cheers for the pics.

Got to say @Loriel, that's a sick collection you have there - looks like you are going for the full set, and you aren't far off...!
Yes, it will kill plastic, and you have to be careful with mixed metal/plastic minis that it doesn't cover the metal in goop.
But for metal minis it is the shiznit. Dissolves leftover superglue too.
You won't regret it, it's awesome stuff.
Just to add, it only kills certain plastics - It doesn't seem to affect plastic-baggie type plastic.
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I have a dream of having all the gangs. I haven't calculated exact number of real necromunda figures but it must be something close to 100 and combined with chaos cultist, custom models etc, probably nears 150 models.

One of my friend suggested that I should form a penal colony Imperial guard (or astra militarum) list with Necromunda figures.
Right so I'm back on the case with a leader for the scavs. Settled on the nurgle chaos Lord as a nice bloated (+1 wounds) base. Started shaving some of the stout down (not pictured) and trying to decide on a head. Narrowed it down to this selection. Obviously I need to add a bit of 'timber' to them, but what do you all think is the way forward. I'm stumped. Probably the head with horns (sans horns) is the way I'm leaning at the mo, just because it's bigger probably...

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The horns one does look like the best match meat-roll wise, or the top-knot one below it (possibly the one left of the top-knot too, if bulking it up around the neck).

Got photos of those three stickied in place? :-D
Found another that could work as I was scooping all the bits back into the box. Looking at them all again, most look garbage. I'll tac the good ones in place tomorrow and take some photos. Good plan!
Hoping to get him assembled and greened tomorrow/Sunday so I can paint him this week...
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When I started chopping him about, only one head seemed to suit in the end so I just went with the horned one.

Now, I'm not a fan of hellboy - only ever seen a bit of the second film so I've no idea as to what happened to hellboys horns but as I was chomping off the horns on this head with the intention of making a nice flat dome, I thought it might be cool fluff wise if he looks like he either tried to hide the fact he was a mutie and had horns or had them taken from him by force... So I left the stumps - for now.

One of the main reasons I wanted use this model as a base for my leader was so I could get someone shooty (ha!) in the gang by taking advantage of his amazingly mediocre BS3, leader lasgun availability and also take the bloated mutation so he might stick around a bit longer. But looking through my bits, I found this oversized tatty old shotgun and massive club. Before I knew it there was glue everywhere and my lasgun plans were in tatters...

Which reminds me, what's the rule when it comes to two handed weapons - can this be a massive club or does it have to just be a standard club in game if he also carries a shotgun?

Next stage, green stuff

Wow, that is looking good, and the head will fit right in once you've added green stuff :)

Definitely leave the horns, but I wouldn't take more than that from Hellboy (don't paint him red!) :-D

Good point about Massive and Basic weapons together. It doesn't appear to be covered? If I was arbitrating I'd say counts as Encumbered (-1 to combat score), but Massive Weapons are already pretty useless so I'd just run it as a Club...

Edit: posted in necromunda community edition asking about this
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Ok, I'll put my red paint to one side.

Here's the first round of green stuff. Just need to add a little detail to the shoes, knee pads and try make it look like he is wearing a t-shirt... I think. Not really decided if he should be shirtless with diseased looking skin or try to make it look like he is wearing a tatty shirt.