Necromunda Captain Brown's Showcase of Building and Painting Old School Necromunda - Figures and Terrain

Captain Brown

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Nov 4, 2019
I played the original Necromunda with my friends back in the mid-nineties, and we enjoyed it enough to ran a campaign and get everyone involved. So late 2019 I suggested we go back to our youth and re-start a Necromunda campaign. I asked the other members of my group to locate and possibly restore their old gangs. While I offered to repair/replace the old terrain (as we owned two of the original boxes). We all started (some said they would need new gangs as they had converted or sold their original ones) and then COVID hit and we still have not been able to gather to play. I also volunteered to paint up some gangs for the two members who were not part of the club back then. I have been working diligently throughout and thought I would share what I have done here.

Recognize these towers? The carboard floors have been replaced by plastic card and details added. Mounted on a sturdy base so they do not shift when models are placed or moved.







I only plan on posting painted and complete models on this it is supposed to be a showcase.



PS: Now with 370 photos at 200 replies.
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Some more terrain.

A scratch built Plasma Tower that lights up.

What would Necromunda be like without some barricades...

Or large crates to hide behind?

How about some sewer pipe access points for those sneaky gangs.


Thank you all.

radulykan, I have a painting log on both WarSeer and DakkaDakka that started for 40K terrain and moved more to Necromunda during the lockdown. We are going old school Necromunda for rules, as all our gangers are the old metal ranges and do not have the house specific weapons of the new edition.

You cannot play Necromunda without some gangs. Now I sold off all my Necromunda gangs except for Ratskin Renegades. So here is the painting of some spare gangs to help out the members of our gaming group who joined us after Necromunda.





We are going old school Necromunda for rules, as all our gangers are the old metal ranges and do not have the house specific weapons of the new edition.

On initial set up of the gangs you would just need let people act as if they had access to any weapons that their models have on them as if they had rolled the required number for rare trade...

Old school is best school for rules :)

I am definitely converted to the new rules, not a huge difference but it just seems to work a bit better (especially the individual activations stuff).
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Thanks guys,

More painted metal Escher
Added the ganger with two swords (got her off eBay and she had no swords)

As the last batch was purple and headed Heavy, Ganger and Juve.


The magnificent seven.

radulykan, I have about 13 Ratskins, but my gang was never that large. They started slowly losing their early games, but the re-role of the injury table meant my gangers survived and got better. While the normal six gangs started to lose old hands and valuable Heavys and Leaders. Soon I was the most wanted, with my high school yearbook photo showing up on wanted posters printed by one of the club.


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Thank you all.

I do not have a macro lens (in fact I do not have a camera anymore, other than the old phone one I use), so much of the detail gets blended in and some of the color gets adjusted with the exposure light. I just crop and resize the photos, no adjustment or photo shopping.

On that ruined gang hideout I did get ever member of my gaming group named somewhere and something about every gang.

More Eschers painted.





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