Necromunda Captain's Log

Many thanks fellas!
@Stoof they are completely a random impulse buy, I did (at one point) have an idea of making a 1:1 Century for display, but it would take at least another two sets and would be very unlikely to ever get displayed!

Iv also got some Victrix Vikings and Greek hoplites that I’ll be working on very soon. Again, both impulse buys, but I do have a new found purpose for the Greeks! 😉😉

@ClockworkOrange Stand down! Your wallet is safe this time! (Tho don’t let me stop you, Victrix and Perry minis in particular are super fun to make and paint)

*whispers to @MedMos * you have to make the troll think it was his idea for the best results 😋😄😎


This is what I had in mind lol
A bit of a random one:

I was just doing me Easter recycling, when my brain clunked, and I had an idea…
This was a tray from inside a box, it’s purpose, I’m not too sure on as it didn’t stop the egg from rattling around. But as I was breaking it down, the texture jumped out at me, and so I made this:

I put abit more effort into the first (middle) one, and I think it shows. But for a sheet of cardboard I was throwing out, I don’t think it’s too bad!? I kinda wish I had a mini to hand but I think the barricade size comes across!

Iv just discovered it two days too late is all! I’m going to have to wait a year to try again 😄
This should probably go in the new models incoming, but I’m just watering me thread to keep it alive:
Got these the other day, one was stuck to the front of wargames illustrated and the other to the warhammer thing I didn’t read, but probably should have because it had the assembly instructions…

The teeny tiny carthaginians were a complete impulse buy, I have no idea what I’m going to do with em! It was very much “oh… don’t need, must buy” but as much as I love em, i had a nosey at warlords webstore and I’m not so keen (the starter box is £240…)
But the building was much more calculated! It was only a tenner which I think is good considering the only other way of getting it is in a 60 quid set and is the biggest piece included! I might even steal some textures from it I.e. doors and windows!?
Iv already got it put together (didn’t even need the instructions) *smug face*
But I’ll grab pictures once iv got abit paint on it!
I have also impulse purchased a Wargames Illustrated based on the cover freebie. Several times actually…

I don’t have those but I do have about 3 sprue of Napolionic Epic Battles stuff now. 🤣

I just really loved the tiny soldiers!!

Their best value Epic starter set is the ACW one - the upcoming Roman one sounds fun but yeah, I saw the prices for the “starter” sets and wow…
On the plus they do look like almost an entire army in the box though!!

Imagine trying to collect the 1500 models in 28mm though!! 😱
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I bought a couple of those walls with a previous copy of the magazine, but haven't touched them yet. TBH, I'm not sure the under-construction look really suits my gaming. I'd rather have had the old Azyrite ruins (or indeed the Osgiliath ones from LOTR).
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Imagine trying to collect the 1500 models in 28mm though!!
Imagine trying to collect 1500 models in 28mm though!!!? 🤩🤩

Yeah, I regret not getting those azarite ones. Even if I’d just got the one set I could have made copies of the chests for frostgrave!
I’m abit undecided about the osgiliath ones tho, I know skulls and sigmar arnt to everyone’s tastes, but the bare stone is just slightly too uninspired. Especially for the price!
Another one Iv regret for is the original war cry set. I don’t know why but I just love that bloody big head!? 😄