Necromunda Captain's Log

Many thanks fellas!
@Stoof they are completely a random impulse buy, I did (at one point) have an idea of making a 1:1 Century for display, but it would take at least another two sets and would be very unlikely to ever get displayed!

Iv also got some Victrix Vikings and Greek hoplites that I’ll be working on very soon. Again, both impulse buys, but I do have a new found purpose for the Greeks! 😉😉

@ClockworkOrange Stand down! Your wallet is safe this time! (Tho don’t let me stop you, Victrix and Perry minis in particular are super fun to make and paint)

*whispers to @MedMos * you have to make the troll think it was his idea for the best results 😋😄😎


This is what I had in mind lol