Necromunda Captain's Log

Actual update:
When I first had a proper look at the sector imperialis set, I was so impressed and iv never looked back! The possibilities that they inspire are just fantastic!
I know most people don't like all the skulls, and I see their point, but for me it's what it's all about! I grew up looking at John Blanche artwork and wanting to be there, it was scary and monsterous but at the same time full of humour and personality! Now, I know the tiles look abit samey when put together into mass buildings, but for me they convey that feeling and flavour of an upside down society! That technology is advanced but the populous feudal! They have the machines but no one understands them!
But anyway, I got my first set, and must have spent a week just looking at them, I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, I just knew I didn't want to make the generic setup! And after Google searching and seeing some very inspiring work from some very inspiring people from a very inspiring site, ( ;) ) I decided that mixing in some plasticard, (to break up the busy tiles and to make the most from the set) was the way forward!
These were all made before I started making the necromunda buildings, hope you enjoy

Thanks for looking :)
Up next - revised 'gateway' and 'generator'
Agree with everything you just said.

Nice work on getting the most out of those sprues. Look forward to seeing the collection grow.
Cheers D6damage! :D
I think my buying spree has peaked abit though, they've been made for about 6 months now, so time to get my head down and get some painting done! :)
That's lot of scenery you got there, you stretched that kit out really well. Love the stone cladding along the bottom, breaks up the flat wall sections nicely. Everyone of them looks good.
Thanks a lot ned, glad you like them! :)
Tho If you look at them from a 90 degree angle most of them look like this /\/\/\/\, but when I thought to myself, I thought 'arr, what the hell, they're supposed to be ruins' :p
And I didn't mean to do so many, it's just I'm that tight, for 70 quid I was going to get my money's worth! :p:D
Wow all of that from a single set? Great work
Thanks Ratvan :) exactly... (But not far off tho!)
Halfway through making them I started foaming at the mouth - 'neeed morrre!!!'
So I held back some of the more choice tiles from the first kit and I used all the ruined tiles from the second kit to finish off the 40k ruins! I knew that I would be replicating the necromunda ruins with the second kit, so I also kept back quite a lot of the wall toppers, (I had originally planned for them to be used on top of the big buildings before I came up with my catwalks) and so the 40k ruins were just left without them!
The only other things are all the lamps and statues, they have been designated to the necromunda ruins, but if there's any left over they will be getting added before painting! :)
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Due to stress causing factors Iv still not any further with my terrain, all I can say is thank you baby Jesus for good will towards men and competition deadline extensions! :)
Although I'm still a little way off finishing, here's a super exclusive sneaky peak...

I'll be showing the miniatures off in the next Dangerzone update, and the whole scene I'll be saving for the competition thread!
I'm still planning on finishing off the gateway and generator next, but with my Xmas goodies arriving tomorrow there might be a slight alteration to the schedule ;) :D
No doubt I'll still be posting over the holidays, but incase you miss them, merry Christmas and happy new year :)
HO HO HO! Who said bad lads don't get any presents!?

Thank you Santa! (And anyother person who might be involved in the procurement of such a mighty bounty (she knows who she is :p) :D)
It's been 6 days and they are still in the selaphane! I'm totally savering the moment (well, that and iv been too busy) I don't know how much longer I can last though!
I thought I'd better get them up and explain my plans before someone else gets the same one and I get accused of (gene)stealing! :p
The deathwatch box I'm just using the cult as itself, but I'm using the marines as statues in a terrain piece that I'm inspired to make after seeing a really cool d&d map.
The beastmen and the neophytes I'm going to be kit bashing to make a very necromunda looking beastman gang to accompany the cultists I'll be painting up. And the neophyte bodies I'll be turning into van Saar as it's the only house gang I don't have. I might buy the mad robot heads for them but I'm not sure yet.
And the bloodreavers and hybrids I'm going to be making some rather intimidating pitslaves (at least that's how I envisage them!). but with all the kits I'm going to be using bits and pieces to jazz up a redemptioist crusade!
I'm not going to give myself a time limit on anything, but I'm wanting to get my terrain up and painted first so it might be a while before I put any of this up.
I hope santas been good to everyone else, would love to see what you've all been getting!? I'm almost certain I'm not the only manchild here?!? :p:D
He would definately steal santas clothes, if that's the same thing!? :p
And this is the first time iv gotten games workshop for Christmas since I was a teenager! I'm super stoked!! :D
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Happy new year everyone, if I havnt already wished it upon you already!
Here's the next instalment of my terrain project, it's still not the bit I was wanting to do, but at least some colour has finally arrived! ( if grey counts! :p )
This is my take on the small platform, I had enough bits to make two, so why not...

The next two shots are of the same piece, I had a load of paint left over from yakcomp and I though I'd give it a pop just out of curiosity, I didn't want to paint both just incase it was crap, what do you think?

And this next one is an option if I wanted or needed another tower on the board, the weight of the plasticard makes the whole thing supprisingly stable

I'm going to try a more interesting colour for the other platform (perhaps green or red), I'm not sure how it will turn out, but it's just I really love strobes idea of having differnt colour buildings to help narrative and function of a game! We can only try I suppose!
This next thing is a product of a conversation I butted into afew weeks ago. They were discussing the finer points of the genestealer cult and I think I interupted to say that had I been a homocidal half alien, I would totally wear the clothes of my victims (Or was sump dweller :p )
But it led me to think, what if the cult infiltrated modern Britain... Would we start thinking oversized heads, three arms and a love of purple to be normal?
Anyway this is a show I'm trademarking just incase...

:pThis took way longer to draw than what I wanted, sorry that it is so faint, hope you get the gist of it tho! :p
If anyone has any other ideas for cult inspired TV programmes, I would love to hear them! You don't have to draw any pictures but it would be most welcome, and together we can establish HHATV!
And lastly, it has come to my attention that I am truly the only manchild on yaktribe...:( here's my stack of goodies again:sneaky:... In sprue mountain formation:sneaky::sneaky:....

....Merry Christmas sukkas!! :D:p:LOL:;)
And lastly, it has come to my attention that I am truly the only manchild on yaktribe...:( here's my stack of goodies again:sneaky:... In sprue mountain formation:sneaky::sneaky:....View attachment 10162
....Merry Christmas sukkas!! :D:p:LOL:;)

Please don't make me take a picture of my gaming storage unit. I somehow managed to convince my wife that the master bedroom of our apartment should be the gaming room so we can use the walk in wardrobe to store models... we sleep in the tiny room.

Not only that but we're currently designing a house to be built. Same deal. Gaming room with walk in gaming storage an en suite bathroom. Really, can it get any better?

Yes it can. Also large scale gaming workshop in the garage and a formal gaming room where the dining room would be with display shelves for tables, terrain and models.
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I wasn't going to put these up up yet, but after reading spafes absolutely class battle reports and in light of his new promotion, this is from one Goliath to another!
These are the green bottle kings brothers in arms (narcissism and alcohol) introducing...
Señor Vermintide y los hombres alegres!....

These were made about ten years or so ago, and where my very first attempt at kitbashing! I bought some, but I just really didn't like the new goliaths they brought out with the horrible re-release. So these were my attempt at changing up the standard plastic guys!
The background of the gang tho is that they operate a second best brewery (distillery) and they have a bit of a Mexican tequila/whisky contraband smuggler personality (obviously in the fluff not the minis), and aside from getting drunk they love playing mutant piñata and petting vermitides secret ingredient ( it makes it taste better if they are nice and relaxed!) :p
This is señor Vermintide himself. He's a little short, but he makes up for it with obsessive shoulder pressing! He wears a single glove as he picks only the finest ingredients for his precious brew, and he doesn't speak Spanish, but he has an accent strongly reminiscent of speedy Gonzales mates!
This is the heavy, a fine specimen of Goliath might! :p all self respecting Goliath gangs need to have an auto cannon! Not that they will do any more damage or you'll ever get your money's worth, it's just the boys always feel safer Knowing there's an old guard psychopath holding the hives most expensive club behind them!
These are vermitides main men, the one with the glove is vermitides assistant master brewer, the one with the shotgun is the stores manager, and the crazy one in the middle is the companies human resourses guy, always ready to show the rest of the lads the true Goliath way!
These are the juves and vermintides promotional team, they go round the settlements and give out (nearly) free samples (they pick people's pockets when they are comatose!)
And this is the rest of the team plus a brand new member who hasn't earned his company body warmer or shin guards yet!

I hope you all like them and I'll be making some terrain to go with them (the brewery itself), and if things go as expected and GW fetch out a decent kit, I'll definately be updating them. (Or I might even steal... I mean borrow some of kommisar shrikens ace khorne conversion ideas ;):p )

And congratulations again hive lord spafe, or should I say High Lord Custodes Enforcer Spafe! :D
Well done mate! :)
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hey cap. this goliath gang is very cool! i like the backround with the brewery and hope you make the terrain for it.

your gang-leader with the spacewolve-axe looks very like a very hard goliath. it was a good idea to kut of his hair.

but i especialy like the human resourses guy. screaming and running into closecombat with his mace. very nice! how you say this is the Goliath way!

yes pls borrow the khorne-conversion-idea from me, so i can steal some of your conversion-ideas for my goliath-gang too! WIN-WIN for both! :-D
That is a bad ass bunch of Goliaths there @CaptainDangerous - I like what you have done to mix them up with the Catachans.

I can relate to the desire to remove the heads from the old plastics, but reusing them on other models? :confused: They are just so hideous, the only thing good about them is that they can be cut in half and carved down to make a collar that is ready to accept the new donor head you intend to use to improve the model! :D
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Fear not amigos! The brewery is an idea written in stone! (Adamantium, plasticrete and those little polystyrene balls) :p
I just meant that I wouldn't be making it anytime soon, I wasn't even going to be putting my goliaths up this soon, it's just I was so chuffed about Spafes promotion and then I read his awesome campaign thread (go now straight away if you havnt already read it), and I just felt so inspired that I wanted to post something in his honour! :D
But since you have shown interest here's a little taster for you....(but don't taste too much or my juves will jump you!)...

I'll be chopping this in half and making two separate buildings with it. It's some packaging from a whisky gift set and will be representing the worky bits of the brewery.


These two pictures are all packaging from two darts trophy boxes, the first are going to be mixing vats and the second are going to be holding pens for the 'special ingredient'

And these I will be turning into towers, I may even have more by the time I make them but they will represent storage silos for the precious precious merchandise all ready to be shipped out! One of the ideas I had was that each one will be a different grade or flavour of second best (totally ripped from the Simpsons duff) so like Vermintide light or Vermintide gold for example.
If anyone has any sugestions or ideas for the brewery, I'd love to hear them! Hope you like what I got so far :D