N18 Care to critique my HoI Orlock list?


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Dec 30, 2021
Hey there, fellow tribespeople.

A friend invited me to join their 'Munda group and I decided to throw my lot in with the House of Iron. I'm not new to wargaming but have never played Necromunda before. I've read the books, looked up stuff online, and came up with this list.

The idea is to start with Fixer + Too Pretty for Primus and get a Prize Fighter after the first game. This gives me an early credit lead I can later transform into victories via superior numbers/equipment due to better cash flow than the rest of the gangs (or that's the plan anyway). Vague plans for later include:
  • Getting a better weapon for the Specialist ASAP.
  • Buying a discounted Ambot as my 2nd hanger-on.
  • Getting another Arms Master with an Arc Hammer, another Road Sergeant with a Heavy Bolter.
  • Getting a Bullet Merchant as the 3rd hanger-on probably.
As I understand it, the group is competent but not cutthroat, so I can't just show up with a random list, but don't have to minmax either. Would appreciate any advice!

Heart of Storm

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Mar 8, 2019
Looks pretty solid to me, you've avoided the usual trap which is building your leader for melee, good mix of guns, some high strength options, its a good list.