Necromunda Casus' Necromunda Gang Projects

So I'm having a tough time settling on a head here (final positioning and greenstuff will be applied in any case where needed - just popped these in rough for the pic):

  • I like the nachtghul(?) head because it is appropriately menacing and spooky
  • I like the Spyker head because... well that's what too much ghast might do to the ol' noggin (Plus: when am I otherwise going to use that particular bit?)
  • I like the aggro head because it is the opposite of the typical expressionless Delaque, which I feel is appropriate for a bald and sneaky roaming around throwing boots of pure malice at his enemies...
Thoughts? Preferences?
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I like Aggro, he looks properly pissed off, as a Psyker should be. Mr lumpy head just makes me think of Dave Lister with "space mumps".