N18 Cawdor - 1000Cr


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Jul 25, 2023
Hey scummers,

Found my way to Necro after playing kill team and 40k for a bit.

Have a real basic idea for a 1000cr list for the start of a campaign.


My real worries are doing something that's awful to play against (I think blunderpole spam fits with this?). By going so lean on equipment to get more gangers will they just be terrible to play (i.e. boring).

6 bone pickers with stubs.

4 brethren. 2 with blunder poles and axes. 2 with r.autoguns.

1 brethren specialist with a long rifle.

2 firebrands. One with xbow and step aside. Another with a greatsword and r.autopistol.

1 word keeper with axe, r.autogun, r.autopistol and Overseer.

Narratively I liked the idea of very bare bones equipment tying in with Cawdor.

Gameplay wise... Word keeper at the back with the two long range runs. Everyone else piling fwds screeching zealous things. And oath of the doomed to bring on even more bodies.

And dam are the firebrands confused. BS3 and no shooting skills? Haha, what's that about.

Drop the axes on your blunderpoles brethren. The polearm profile is good enough they don't need a back up initially. Maybe save enough for another blunderpole.
Cawdor skill selection is a bit naff. Firebrands with no shooting...
Bulging biceps is a fairly garbage skill unless you get a top line pistol or good one handed melee weapon for one extra attack. A reclaimed auto pistol is a waste in this use (You only get one possible extra hit from it regardless of Firepower dice number). When using a pistol in melee you use your WS and no accuracy modifiers from the pistol. A stubgun has the same strength, hit chance and less chance of jamming. You can now get the same effect of bulging biceps on a two handed melee weapon with suspensors freeing up a skill choice.
Your bone pickers are the Cawdor version of ablative armour. Don't get too attached to the Brothers Meatshield.
Going forward flamers are a trap your blunderpoles have the same chance of blaze to any other blaze weapon and are cheaper by far. All hail the Blunderpole!!!!
Get at least mesh armour for everyone valuable when funds allow.
Consider getting a bolter with gunk bolts from the trade post for a firebrand or your word keeper for later Blaze on 2+ is great.
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It specifically says single attack in the side arm trait not one attack or an attack. The trait then notes on the accuracy bonus not applying in close combat.
The use of the word single means only one grammatically so multiple hits would not apply from this attack. GW may not have intended this grammatical phrase.
The firepower dice rule is also in the Shooting section so GW intends it to be used in shooting. I do believe this is a mistake in thier rules layout. Firepower dice should be in general rules as it pertains to shooting, certain tactic cards and psychic powers so it should be in general rules as it applies to more than shooting.
Also adding the one of the following sentences to the Rapid Fire trait would help, "This applies in conjunction with the Sidearm trait" or "This does not apply in conjunction with the Sidearm trait.
Moving a few paragraphs and 8-10 words would clear this up. Would that be so hard GW?!
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Stubgun guns are plentiful so do not need a roll to reload, Dum Dums are cheap when improving the gun, not illegal if that matters and of a lower rarity.
Unless you feel the need to pamper your meat shields with top notch kit.