N18 Cawdor for review

Discussion in 'Gangs & Loadout' started by Ml2sjw, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

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  2. Guarana

    Guarana New Member

    Hi Ml2sjw,
    there some things in your Gang that make some trouble for me.
    You still have 105 credits left? Why?
    No Juves, cheap meat for distraction?
    Leader strength is WS 3+ and Leadership, Champion's strength is BS 3+

    I like a Leader with Inspirational, or Overseer. Better cool checks in 6" or let the champ move twice and fight, move away.
    Hit and run ;)

    I love Champ with heavy x-bow!
    Champs are better in shooting and should avoid close combat, that's why I should give them a skill to avoid or strength the close combat in the case they can't avoid it. (Step aside)

    Your 2nd Champ should use a better Gun.
    Maybe take one Blunderbuss from a Ganger and buy Emperor's ammunition with it. Or a Long Rifle for support fire.

    Because your Champs should shoot, don't waste credits on close combat, max. a Knife.

    In the case for Gangers, when using a Polearm Weapon (autogun or blunderbuss), no need for a 2nd close combat weapon.
    Maybe smoke grenades for the Blunderbuss Gangers, because of the short range.

    Buy 2 Juves!
    Give them 2x Stubgun and they have a chance to hit something with the +2 on short range.
    They can support your Team when someone tries to charge you.

    Try to spend the complete 1000 credits.
    Try to get 1 Leader, 2 Champs, 5 Ganger and 2 Juves.

    Best regards, G.
  3. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

    Hey ignore the extra credits, chair keyboard interface issues where I've clicked the wrong button. The gang currently is bang on 1000 credits by the rating.

    Cawdor champions are a bit of a pain with skills that serve combat but baseline stats that serve shooting. You make some good point though

    I need to get another box of cawdor and build some juves! In either a campaign or an larger skirmish then they could really be useful
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