N18 Celticgriffon Necromunda 18 Video Battle Report Orlocks vs Goliaths

Hey guys and gals,

It has been forever since we played a game of Necromunda...

In this episode Mark and his Orlock's battle against my Goliath's. Both are nameless 'cause that's how it goes sometimes. We also polish a bottle of Flor de Cana.

Points values were around 1250 per side. 2017 Rules of the game using latest edition rulebook.

Mission 4: Border Dispute (aka piss on each other's relics) Damn Harpoon Launchers... They are the bane of my Necromunda existence. Probably some swearing in this one - children beware.

Opening and Closing Music:
The Empty Moons of Jupiter / Cinematic / Dramatic / by DivKid
Free Usage via Youtube Audio Library

There were tunes flowing in the background as well. Tommy P, QueensR, Ennny yyaa, etc, etc, etc..

Lots of messed footage I couldn't include. I think I moved the video to picture mode a few times when changing batteries.

No, this is not a GMG, Miniature Game Montage, ZorpaZorp style production. Those guys know what they are doing with Necromunda style vid production. Not this guy. I am just a hack with a go pro...

Necromunda by Games Workshop.

The original version campaign system is way better for what it's worth.

Footage: Go Pro Hero 7 Black with Rode mic and dead cat.