Celticgriffon's GW discussion (mostly board games)

For most of my life I have enjoyed playing and collecting games of all types.

In this episode I showcase and discuss a moderate sample of my Games Workshop (related) collection. The showcase is for box games and doesn't include anything from my expansive miniature collection. A rough timeline is listed below.

The video discusses White Dwarf, Fighting Fantasy Books, Warhammer Fantasy Battle evolution, bookcase games, big box games, Heroquest, Battle Masters, and other games of the era. I have a very extensive Games Workshop board game collection; any fan of classic titles such as Talisman, Fury of Dracula, Space Hulk, and Warhammer Quest should enjoy this walk with me through memory lane. The game showcase runs until the late 1990's.

Please note, for most games I did not showcase most of the pertinent board game expansions. I did not bring out every White Dwarf magazine I own, nor did I bring out all of my Fighting Fantasy novels. If you love the old GW boxed games, as I do, you will certainly want to have a look!

Thanks for watching!
From D&D to Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition start - 11:35
White Dwarf Evolution 11:35 - 19:35
Fighting Fantasy Novels 19:35 - 22:10
GW Board Game Collection 22:10 - 35:00
Heroquest and Battle Masters 35:00 - 40:45
More GW Big Box games 40:45 - end

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