N18 Challenge: Make an Ash Waste Ork tribem


Jan 10, 2019
I have discovered that the skull was once a spire that was taken over by Orks. The purging of those Orks was the original reason for the Imperial fist occupation of Necromunda. So with Orks reproducing by spores, and you only needing a few, it makes sense some Orks could still pop up somewhere in the ash wastes.

My theory is this: A handful of Orks survived the initial purge and ran into the wastes. These boys found a sunken derelict space hulk and have been slowly setting up shop. Their goal is not to attack Necromunda but to raid enough technology to get the hulk working and take off! Whether they make it, or die at the hands of the planetary defense systems, who knows!

So how would you make an ash wastes Ork raiding party? I’m considering Goliath and genesmithing that could allow for grot gunners and some shooty boys as well as some close combat monsters.

I’m considering kill tam commandos as a model set

What do people think?
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Mar 29, 2022
I love orks and I love the kommandos. But personally, for ash wastes orks, I'm planning to go for a scrappier look by using the Kruleboyz from AOS. I can't for the life of me find a link, but somebody did a fantastic conversion with them.

I think the kommandos and beast snaggas both have great potential as well, and will probably steal some bits from them. Along with some of the AOS savage orruks and brutes.
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Gang Hero
Jun 25, 2017
I did the Goliaths with Genesmithing thing, Natborn: Tyrant's Own and Iron Flesh for the Forge Tyrant/Nob, Vatborn: Dermal Hardening and Hardened Immune System on the Forge Boss/Snipa Boy, Vatborn: Dermal Hardening on all the Gangers/Juves/Boyz and a Unborn: Proto-Goliath Juve/Grot, got 5 ded'ard orks, 'eavy stubber and flamer and a sneaky grot in 1000pts.
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