Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

yay or nay?
I like the gunshot noise, and I like the idea of the target. Personally I dislike how big it is (maybe half to 2/3rds of the size would be better), and I massively dislike the blue, it is such a bright odd colour, against such awesome models and scenery that are very gritty and nicely weathered (might work if your painting style was cartoon bright). I'd suggest either a red (if you want bright), or a dark red/black target to be more inkeeping (although I have no idea if that would be a bit hard to see).

I am not a fan of the melta graphics, once again, because it comes across cartoony to me, which is jarring against the style of your models and scenery (and to an extent, your bat rep style which is very in universe).

dont get me wrong, your bat reps are still ace, and I wouldnt pick these minor things out if you hadnt asked.

I really like the wrap up turn bits and the clear way you show the key things, but it doesnt bog down into the gritty mechanics too much. really nice balance which is why I love your style of vids.

Looking forward to the next ones and this community thingy you mention!
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Thanks for the well constructed feedback 😊 it is genuinely appreciated and all noted.

Personally was unsure about the whole target set up but seems we agree on the blue being far to ungrimdark 😂

Shall take it all on board for the next one
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Better colour scheme?
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I've just discovered the teaser and respect, it's well done and whets the appetite for more. - Alright, and now I'll look at the battle report.
Ahh nice one :) hope you enjoy the series soo far , video this week is a bit of an annou cement type thing so figuring out the details before it goes up
Nice, I like your Dark Uprising Battle Report. Did a lot of things right too. Everything is painted, there is an introduction, the terrain fits, the mission, gangs and fighters are introduced. Class.

That made me happy to see it. And when someone puts in that much effort, it makes you feel respected as a viewer and that you haven't wasted your time.

And by the way, I also like the terrain very much with its painting and restraint. I think it is cool.
Very kind words and all greatly appreciated.

I just like to tell stories and I'm glad folk seem to like the way I present it, I'm a big fan of more "real" and Grimdark painting as well so I try and carry that over I to the presentation.

The way I see it, if I wouldn't want to watch it I wouldn't put it out there. Not a fan of battle reports with no narrative behind them, and I owe a lot to Mini Gaming Montage for being a great sounding board over the time I've been doing videos.

Tell stories, play with toys, share the story.
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Cant wait (or rather... will have to wait until tonight when I can actually watch it lol)
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So, this community project. Would it be ok to call a gang 'the freed people of the dying light'? A random assembly of hivers that have been influenced by the cult? Or would that be lore breaking?
So, this community project. Would it be ok to call a gang 'the freed people of the dying light'? A random assembly of hivers that have been influenced by the cult? Or would that be lore breaking?
Colour me intrigued, go for it! Like I said, hive galatus is a big place and who can say what the brotherhood have been up to and who has been influenced by them 😊
Live from Hive Gelatus:

@Ardavion ‘s pit slaves vs @CaptainDangerous ‘s pox walkers!

The dome Sector 7D has succumbed to the dreaded plague. A suicide squad has been sent to bring down the dome by destroying the central column.
Will they make it in time, or will the implanted demolitions explode before they reach it?
Part 1:making an entrance

The squads scanner take them to centre of dome 7D, it still hasn’t pinpointed the exact location of the main dome prop, but all is quiet.

The heavy footsteps and disgruntled voices of the cyborgs attracts the attention of the local inhabitants.

And they do the only thing they know how…



The raging gunfire bellows throughout the sector, stiring more to action!
The piles of diseased and rotting bodies start piling up!
Part 2: time is running out

The darkness of the hive delays the ravenous horde

The squad make a tactical retreat to make the most of the natural bottle neck

Their detonation collars start to blink just a little faster, which makes some of the crew surge forward in panic


Low and behold, they’re panic unwittingly unveils the support column!

The door is opened, but not before an nameless warrior falls to the tearing claws and teeth of an ambushing Walker!

Security protocol triggers, opening the sectors doors! Designed for evacuation, it creates an open path for the waylaid infested!

The bloodthirsty slavering masses are blocked by a ‘natural’ hive feature, buying time for the team to prepare a defence and make their last stand…

The blinking collars are beating faster.