N18 Chaos cultists psyker and skills


Jun 30, 2022
Hi all - looking for help/clarification on the topic of psykers and whether they get a starting power PLUS a skill or staring power OR a skill. I know there are variations between outcasts, venators, GSC, delaque, chaos......so to simplify I'm just interested in chaos cultists and will be using book of the outcast wording on psykers and disciplines. From what I can see and read (not got outcasts book immediately to hand) I can definitely use the expanded powers from book of outcasts rather than just the basic cultist ones. But it seems the PLUS/OR skill topic is still a point of discussion, could be read either way and the RAW aren't a foregone conclusion? Is that correct or is the specific case of chaos cultists clear cut? Cheers (& apologies if I've opened a can if worms!)
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