N18 Chaos Helot Cult Questions


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May 17, 2022
The Book of Ruin states “A Cult Witch starts with one skill chosen from their Primary skill sets and the Non-sanctioned Psyker skill.”

The Book of the Outcast states “Unless otherwise specified, all fighters with the non-sanctioned psyker special rule start with a single Wyrd power, either from the gang list, or from one of the disciplines listed here.”

Does this mean a cult witch could start with a savant skill AND a wyrd power? Thanks

Another question, can a helot cult start as chaos corrupted with its benefits and then perform a post-game ritual to change its affiliation? Thanks again.
The non-sanctioned fighter rule already gives them a single free wyrd power as I'm given to understand. So yes, but you could do that already. What book of the outcast gives you is the ability to pick from the universal disciplines instead of the house list.
"Unless otherwise specified..."
"A Cult Witch starts with one skill..."

It seems the Cult Witch can get either a Skill or Wyrd Power. Not both.

A Helot Chaos Cult can seek the favor of a different god. A corrupted Chaos Cult (Chaos corrupted House Gang) cannot. Don't know why.