N18 Charging fighter who causes fear but is out of LOS


Aug 18, 2013
So, how does this work? You want to charge a fighter who is not in your line of sight and causes fear. Do you then take a test (RAW says yes), and if failed, you do not move at all. Right? OR do you get to move the part of the charge which brings you into LOS, and then stop in your tracks, paralyzed by fear?
I assumed fear is caused by the fighter's appearance, so you had to see him to fear him... But maybe that was a wrong assumption?
The mystical masks of the Corpse Grindler Cult don't stop working even when a devotee is face-down from Serious Injury, so it's not like the rules are inconsistent in this regard.
Maybe the fear effect's slight tearing at the edges of reality separating the fighters from The Warp makes a sound that reaches around corners, even past an upturned arse?
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I like the idea for a partial charge and stopping in their tracks but there is the idea that the charging fighter 'knows' the fear causing model is on the field and fails the attempted charge without LOS because they are afraid the fear causing individual is right around the corner.

Just trying to give a good fluff reason for the RAW.
They might just be generally spooky. Or making unnatural noises (ash wastes beans will do that). Or a Psychic effect.

Or even mere reputation: you know who's round there, and you(!!) are planning on charging them!?

I'd concur, then: it's not LOS based.
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Fear is not link to the appearance. It could be due to a gas, insanity, psychic powers or something else.

It's true that the "horrific appearance" of a mutation cause fear but that one case.

So no i don't think it works like described.
It's too easy to examplify with not seeing the enemy. Another alternative is that you do see the enemy in front of you, but momentarily moves behind a pillar of some sort. You know it's there, you saw it one second ago and is now briefly behind cover so you don't see it. So many different scenarios. No rules can cover all.