*Clack-shick* - it's the Bolt Action thread!


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So, many of us (by us I mean the TribeMeet committee mainly) have recently been infected with the Bolt Action bug.

@Tiny, @spafe and @MancInventor are already involved, myself and @ClockworkOrange have just started/are about to become involved.

I just built my first couple of chaps this morning for my chosen force - the 8th Army in North Africa.


North Africa is my personal favourite WW2 setting. I recommend reading Iain Gale's El Alamein and Forgotten Voices - Desert Victory if you're interested.

So, show us your forces! Talk about your favourite theatres! Tell us how we've used the wrong item of equipment for August 1942 when it was *adenoids* only introduced in October 1942 haw haw haw classic mistake */adenoids*

I finished my first section & support team today.

NCO with Thompson (& assault whistle!)
Soldier with Thompson
Bren LMG team
6 chaps with SMLE's.
Gordon Highlanders, so a mix of tin hats & tams.

I also did the 6-pounder AT gun, which I glued myself to for a bit and was generally a pain to construct :ROFLMAO:

I still have to put on their packs and things, plus extra bren magazine pouches and the like.

Now I'll annoy @ClockworkOrange by posting a pic of unpainted models assembled as per the instructions with no conversion... joke's on him... there were no instructions!

1st Progress.jpg
Edit - Strangely I think I’m ok with you doing it for rank and file bolt action stuff.
Disagree. All rank and file infantry should be converted, kitbashed and painted.

Speaking of which... Volkssturm. Kitbashed from a bunch of kits. Mostly Warlord winter Germans and WGA French partisans, but there's bits of about a dozen different kits in there including Vikings and Frostgrave wizards.

Their fearless leader Wilhelm

He likes to investigate foreign objects he finds in his garden.

I like the chap in the middle of your Volkssturm with several panzerfausts. He clearly means business... "When life gives you panzerfausts, make wreckage!"
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My force is expanding, quite rapidly by my standards!

My aim was to paint them reasonably well but quickly, it's going well so far. The second set I did went quicker than the first despite doing more models in the batch. Maybe 3 or 4 hours work between actual work.

I have an HQ on order and still have another infantry section, mortar team, two Bren Carriers and a Matilda II to assemble.

I still can't believe how cost effective Bolt Action is compared to... Well, anything GW!
My 8th Army Reinforced Platoon is done!

I promise to stop spamming as these guys now appear in several different threads. This lot comes to around 1080 points depending on what pick for a couple of items.

I played a little game by myself with an infantry section, gun, carrier and mortar on each side. It went quite slowly and I need to keep reminding myself that pin markers and testing to follow orders is a thing.

Notable events in the game - hitting a Universal Carrier with a 24pdr field gun and failing to damage it (must have been a dud!), and getting a 6 for the very first mortar shot - instant zero!

I'm keen to play someone else. I am however slightly peeved that at 1000-ish points my army has 17 units and the dice come in packs of 12 *shakes fist*

I intend to do some desert buildings (with domes etc), some kind of oasis type thing perhaps, and maybe a fuel/ammo dump. I am also very close to clicking "buy" on an Africa Korps army - that starter army set plus the HQ set comes to just over 1000 points as well and means I could be my own adversary.
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They definitely need an opponent. Perhaps some Vichy French?

I need to keep reminding myself that pin markers and testing to follow orders is a thing.
I forget this a lot. Get halfway through moving a unit and then realise they might not be able to even do anything.
the dice come in packs of 12 *shakes fist*
I happily managed to get half a pack of spare order dice from a nice person on Facebook the other day for my brother's Soviets so now I have 3 sets of 18 dice which should be enough for any eventuality. Maybe worth seeing if anyone wants to split a pack of British dice.
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My order dice are just standard brown ones. But if anyone wants to split a pack, gimme a shout 👍

In other news - pin markers! I prefer the idea of having a physical representation of incoming fire rather than just pips on dice. I knocked these up from penny coins in a day.

I did fifty. At a rough guesstimate I reckoned a 1000 point game might involve around 100 markers. @Tiny suggested using 2p coins to make counters that are two or three pins each, which is a good idea.
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If, like me, you're tight and don't want to spend lots on ancilliary stuff like order dice - which are, by Bolt Action standard, excessively expensive considering the requirement to always buy at least two packs (at least that's what's happened with my 8th army and now my DAK force I'm building) - you might want to have some kind of cheap and cheerful marker that lets you display a unit's orders. To that end, I made a thing (pdf attached).

As a helpful aside this ALSO means you can use any old token in the bag for drawing orders. Handy!

Speaking of DAK, my first section is taking shape.

I wasn't sure of my method for these initally but as I do more detail it comes together alright, I'm happy with it now anyway.


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