*Clack-shick* - it's the Bolt Action thread!


Figured it’s time to get in on this in case the fabled Boltmeet happens. Brits all the way!
Nice looking kits. I think I need to add an armoured car to both my Brits and DAK for flexibility.

I made a Dosenöffner for my DAK to counter such things:

And here's the DAK so far since I haven't posted them here:

Slightly over 1000pts worth.
I've been really into Bolt action lately. Finished up a German force and I have a US Airborne force on the paint table. I'm doing an Ardennes Theme.

You get all the weirdest vehicles!

My third Bolt Action army this year has arrived from Warlord - Italians! I haven't done much with them yet, just based some metal Bersaglieri. I am impressed at just how many head options you get for ten figures. How many do you think would be sensible? Two head options for each man? Three at a push? Nope! FIFTY SIX head options for a ten man squad :ROFLMAO:

By my planning I'm going to have a few plastic guys left over, so I can use some of those heads to do a small 5-man section of Bersaglieri.
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Not Bolt Action models but I ran across the game 02 Hundred Hours at my local hobby store. Pretty specific focus on night time raids but the models looked pretty cool. No idea on scale differences, etc. but I thought I'd bring it in case any Yaks might find it useful.
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Looks a great fun game. Minis are by Wargames Atlantic and are a little taller and skinnier than Warlord minis but close enough to not look too out of place.

Here's a comparison I found online (middle one is WGA, other 2 are Warlord)

View attachment 164643
I think that looks good. Warlord stuff can sometimes look too 'heroic'. The U.S paratroopers almost look like bobbleheads
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I don't know if the US airborne is an older set, or the metal US infantry, but the scale is all over the place even within Warlord's US range. It's fine on the table but side by side there's often a significant difference. The commander of the Warlord Sherman is like a 12 year old boy beside one of the plastic Airborne infantry!

It's similar with all of the ranges, but the US has been worst for it in my experience so far.
The commander of the Warlord Sherman is like a 12 year old boy beside one of the plastic Airborne infantry!
This comes down to the age old problem of vehicles being out of scale. All vehicle crews look janky as hell, because the 28mm heroic inf scale is actually closer to 1:48 vehicles, but warlord vehicles are 1:56, making the vehicle crew look like children.

Our group got round it by either using perry inf (true scale 28mm) with warlord vehicles, or warlord inf with 1:48 vehicle kits from other manufacturers.
A pal and I are gonna get in on some sweet bolt action… action. Any tips on getting started? Rulebook is on the way but don’t wanna start buying stuff and found out I’ve got the force building wrong or anything like that.

Got plenty of order dice and pin markers from WoE so all set there, anything else recommended?
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