Closed - WTB: A single plastic Blood Bowl Witch Elf


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Jun 5, 2016
Missoula, MT
While my attempt to make an Escher Death Maiden from a third party mini didn't work out so well, I think I've finally found a GW model to use as a base. The trick is apparently finding one without buying the full box. I'm coming up short from ebay and bits sellers so I thought I'd try here. I did find a couple listings from the UK and Italy but I'm in the US and the shipping would have been nearly as much as the team box. I'm offering a fair price or trade. I have a good deal of new Necromunda plastic and some older metal and plastic from Necromunda and other GW games.



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Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
I can't help, but this ought not to be that difficult. Dark Elf teams can have up to four blitzers, which requires buying a second team box, but only two Witch Elves. I'm surprised if you've not been able to find it on bitz sites.
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