N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Apoccrypha Necromunda


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Dec 29, 2017
First book of 2024! Is this going to be another version of the game called N24? Probably not. It's a collection of optional content that's been released in white dwarf articles, pdfs or otherwise OoP books (Uprising campaign). And also some brand new content sprinkled on top. Have any of the old content changed? Let's find out!

A summary of various findings (contributed by several yaktribe champions).

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    • Comment:
  • Terrifying (p119): If the test fails, the action can't be performed and the activation ends immediately.
    • Comment: This is a massive boost compared to the old Terrifying which only cancels the action and even allows the same action to be used again against a different target. Is this an unique version of Terrifying, or does it apply universally?
  • Corrupt Enforcer (Gang Raids - Clandestine Rendezvous) changed equipment and stats. +1W, +1A, swap hardened flak with flak, lost armoured undersuit, gained stub gun.
    • Comment: Why?
  • 'Krumpa' rivet cannon (p123).
    • Comment: Should be 'Krumper' (Ork version?).
  • Uprising campaign: All phases are numbered "1." in the sub-chapter titles.
    • Comment: Must be half-assedly re-written instead of copy-pasted cause the original book had the phases numbered correctly 1-3.
  • Sump Beast: Why give it Venomous Bite (Toxin)? It already has S4 or S5.
  • Sump Beast:
    • All profiles are updated.
    • Poisionous Bite renamed to Venomous Bite (both names were inconsistently used earlier).
    • Venomous Bite also removes the Strength stat (because of Toxin).
  • Warp Horror: Undulating skin damage reduction applies to all hits.
  • Resurrection Packages:
    • Archeo-Rebirth: Updated according to the new Lasting Injuries table. No longer protects against damage to Ld (Partially Deafened).
  • Horrors in the Dark: Updated range from 8" to 6". Why?
  • Scenario In the Dark renamed to Terror in the Dark.
  • All scenarios are updated/modified in some way or another.
  • Gang Raids: Mercator Storehouse Heist is not included.
  • Uprising campaign:
    • Downtime is updated to promote Juves & Prospects after 3+ advancements (instead of 5+). This is consistent with recent campaign(s).
    • Scenario table is modified.
    • New triumph (most fighters).
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Summary of content:
Living SettingsNew-
Ressurrection PackagesOld/modifiedWD 2020-05
ScenariosOld/modified.Various (2018)
Gang Raid ScenariosOld/Modified. Only 3 of 4 are included.WD 2019-12
Uprising CampaignOld/modified. OoP.N19 rulebook (Dark Uprising)
Uprising ScenariosOld/modified.N19 rulebook (Dark Uprising)
Outlaw BrutesOld/modified.WD 2020-11
Extra weapon options for house gang vehicles, Delaque crew and Delaque vehicle tactics cardsMix of new and old.
Apocrypha 6 : Bullet Road Run (2023-02)

Weirdly doesn't seem to include much of the Apocrypha pdf content?
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I was actually expecting it not to have Apocryphas despite the name, because the articles promoting it spoke of 'out of print' rules and the Apocryphas a) were never printed, b) are still available from the website's downloads section.

I was expecting more than just Delaque vehicle rules though. I'd hoped the other Houses would get the extra weapon access Delaque were given. (I haven't got my copy yet so ignore this if there is stuff for other Houses!) Also hoped for the Dramatis Personae from Gangs of the Underhive.

Edit: Got my copy and saw the extra vehicle weapons. I can now have chem-throwers! Or... plasma cannons...
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Yeah I am just speculating yet. Sorry about that. According to one review this book does have those vehicle weapon access upgrades that delaque got applied for all House gang now.
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I was hoping this was going to pull all of the white dwarf articles together, like the Kill Team Annual did. Assault on precinct whatever, badzone enforcers, painting annd terrain guides, etc.
I see some bits are there, which makes me think we’ll be getting multiple of this format book alongside the Book Of… series and any campaign books like Aranthian Succession. Sigh.
It's probably way too much content to fit into a single book. Allegedly some point costs of the outlaw brutes are modified here. And I don't understand why. Like so many other times, when something is reprinted, it warps and mutates. Why? Balancing reasons? Haha.
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I noticed that the promotion of Juves & Prospects in the Uprising campaign has been updated to 3 or more advances, matching the new rulebook's campaign, and the alternative Savant skills for that campaign are gone. The second half of the campaign says you can't buy stuff from Gang Equipment lists but doesn't mention Trading Post, IIRC the previous version was like this because the Uprising rulebook didn't have a Trading Post but there was a box-out saying you can add that in if you have access to those rules, and it was up to your group whether to have it first half only or through the whole campaign. Not yet spotted anything like that this time round.

Terror in the Dark scenario (p52-53) reprints the Horrors in the Dark scenario special rule but now affects any fighters more than 6" from all other fighters rather than the 8" it was before. (Horrors in the Dark was not included in the new rulebook and has always been reprinted with every scenario that used it, but any gang in an Outcast campaign can get Critters as a Defense Structure that applies it anytime they are Defender and Escher have a Tactics card that applies it for one round, so which version do I use in those cases?)
That makes sense. It has been very common for stuff like this to change once place, then later another place, indicating it was meant universally from the start.

Another thing that was mentioned in a review I saw, that the house gangs can give gang-specific weapons to their vehicles (just like Delaque could from that one Apocrypha a while back). While this makes sense, this makes me wonder. Why do players need "official" permission for this? The reviewers had house ruled this from the start. Normally I get the desire for RAW, but less so in Necromunda. It should have been stated that all vehicles can be given all weapons the gang has access to. Instead, we get it piecemeal, first Delaque and now all House gangs. And some time in the future, all gangs? And if this isn't expanded further, why not?
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The Nemesis chapter is intriguing. At first it looked like more random stat lines, similar to what we already got with Bounty Hunter Venator gang, Outlander and generic Bounty Hunters. And rambling ideas of cool-to-do-this. But then, that is what it is. And the additional stuff which doesn't even mention the rules is possibly the most valuable part: The personal traits with motivation, connections and weaknesses. At first, this looked like the normal bloat, best suited for new players without experience or less imaginative players. It is basically a guideline to do anything you wish, so what's the point? But perhaps this can be useful to even experienced gamers?
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The mistake i found was to pre order it and learned, it will be delay for two weeks. but i guess irt will be better than all the scan i made of all the articles.
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Seems like all Outlaw Brutes point costs are unchanged? But all Sump Beast profiles are updated, probably for the better (M 3" was pretty useless). Also fixed the inconsistent naming of Venomous Bite and Poisonous Bite, as well as removing Strength stat (because of Toxin). Some thought went into this!

Didn't notice this before, but why give Venomous Bite (Toxin) to Sump Beast? It already has S4 or S5. When is it ever worth paying 35 credits for this?

Also, Warp Horror's Terrifying special rule got a huge buff! It now ends the activation immediately! Compared to the old version which only cancels the action and allows the same action to be performed again against another target.
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The house gangs gets a buff similar to what Delaque got for vehicle weapon/attachment options. While this made sense for Delaque which didn't have their own vehicle, it gets silly for Goliath and Orlock which do. Existing house gang vehicles already got a careful selection of options WYSIWYG to what the box came with. Then all Goliath vehicles can take stuff like Krumper Rivet Cannon because hey it's their fluff. So Goliath Mauler can now take it as well? No longer such a careful selection to match the box, so what was the point with that? Not to mention the weirdness with common items. Van Saar vehicles can take Las carbine, but lasgun isn't listed. As a common item it can be taken just as easily for any vehicle (except the first battle). Van Saar vehicles also got access Hotshot las pack, but not las pistol/gun on their list!

At this point it would be better to simply say the vehicle got same access to weapons and attachments as their gangs and be done with it.
Does this tactic work?

Reinforced Webs

Select up to D3 weapons with the Web trait. For the duration of the battle, if a vehicle is hit by one of these weapons, the vehicle must make a Handling test. If the test is failed, reduce the vehicle’s Movement characteristic by 3" until the start of its next activation.
Seems like all scenarios are updated versions of old existing scenarios. Updates are at minimum to a more modern standard (for example Attacker & Defender is determined by who made the challenge, not who selected the scenario). Zone Mortalis / Sector Mechanicus replaced with Underhive. Ash Wastes added as an optional battlefield type where appropriate. Tactics cards tend to refer to the universal default. Most of these are good as they make old stuff more inline with new format.

One thing I missed was for the Prison Break, which originally clarified that defender (sentries) can't use tactics until after the alarm is raised. This clarification is lost in this new version. Ideally it should be an universal rule.

Also seeing weird updates in scenarios without an apparent reason behind, but perhaps that's better to skip for now.
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Does this tactic work?
Ummm... I guess that depends on your definition of 'work', which possibly depends on knowing the intent of the rules writers.
On a surface reading of it, it does nothing because the vehicle won't use it's movement until its next activation anyway, so reducing it's movement until its next activation doesn't matter.
However, movement characteristic affects the hits caused by collision when a vehicle moves due to damage causing it to go out of control between activations, and accidentally colliding with another model.
If the intention is that Web weapons can be used to mark a vehicle that can then be shot without as much risk to nearby models, then yes, it works.
If the intention is to slow down vehicles hit by Web weapons, then no, it doesn't work.
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Great, exactly my thinking. Would also affect colliding into the vehicle? It's hard to imagine that being the intention because it is so niche, compared to the alternative which includes all those consequences but also makes the vehicle slower when it moves normally, which should be the main intention?
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Can't resist commenting on some of the micro changes applied to these scenarios:
  • "crono crystal" renamed to "Chrono-crystal".
  • Hit & Run spotting modifier for enemies further away than 12" changed from -2 to -3.
  • Clandestine Rendezvous's Corrupt Enforcer changed stats and equipment (as already mentioned).
  • Fleeing the Battlefield added to some scenarios, but not all?
Some of it is probably for the better, other changes I don't understand why they even bother. GW works in mysterious ways.
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Re: Hotshot packs on Van Saar vehicles, custom vehicles have access to lasguns on their equipment list, so Van Saar gangs could start with a custom vehicle with hotshot lasguns.
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