N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Aranthian Succession 3: Ruins of Jardlan


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Dec 29, 2017
Anothere day, another book.

Curious to see if this upholds the improved quality of the previous book.

A summary of various findings (contributed by several yaktribe champions).

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  • Changed the damned font on the spine. Partway through a series of campaign books.
    • Comment: :LOL:
  • Claim Jumper power maul (p103): Book says power maul but the mini and rules that comes with it clearly says power pick.
    • Comment: Use power pick.
  • Power fist (p103, p117): Claim Jumper have Power Fist, same as the fighter card published with the miniature. However the fighter card uses the profile for (the Squat/Ironhead variant (which is worse), but the armoury lists the original N19 profile (which is better).
    • Comment: There are 2 weapons with the same name. Claim Jumper was originally published with the new N22 weapon profile, while this book only has the old N19 weapon profile. Most likely the Claim Jumper should have the N22 squat variant, so this should be misleading for anyone using this book!
  • Van Saar Prospects (grav-cutter v1) counts as mount when creating new gang in Ash Wastes campaign.
    • Comment: It should count as mount regardless of campaign type, otherwise what's so special about Ash Wastes campaign compared to any other campaign that grants extra credits to spend on vehicles & mounts?
  • Orrin Grimjarl (Squat Agent) comes with a Techmite Exovator (pressumable a pet like the other Techmites), but this is not found anywhere in the book).
    • Comment: Missing content.
  • Typo (p68): Extra 'that' in Camp Karrva's boons: "Income:The gang that earns D6x10 credits from this Waypoint when collecting income.".
    • Comment: Should probably be worded like the other Income boons, "Income: The gang earns D6x10 credits from this Waypoint when collecting income."
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  • Claim Jumper now correctly has 0-1 limit (this was missing in the rules that came with the mini).
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They changed the damned font on the spine. Partway through a series of campaign books. I just… I just can’t understand this anymore…

The Spine Font. 🤣

Seriously though, isn’t this a template? If not why not??

Plus I could understand it if it was the Core book, which might be using in a new design philosophy for a newish version but… the third part of a trilogy??

Who designed this?? Disney LucasFilm??
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Struggling to wrap my head around the new grav-cutter:
When founding a gang for an Ash Wastes Campaign, grav-cutters count as Wargear that grants the Mounted condition. However, grav-cutters may still be used in battles that do not allow Wargear that grants the Mounted condition (note this does not allow ash waste grav-cutters to be used in these battles).
So, available for Ash Wastes Campaign™, but what about other campaigns that are focused on Ash Wastes battlefields? And it can be used in battles that doesn't allow mounts, but this does not allow them to be used in these battles?
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As I understand it:
"Grav-cutters", as used by the Van Saar Prospects, count as Wargear that grants the Mounted condition when founding your gang, e.g. your bonus 400 credits for vehicles and wargear that grants the Mounted condition be spent on them. They don't actually grant Mounted though and are still usable in scenarios that don't allow Mounted fighters.

"Ash waste grav-cutters", the new wargear option for VanSaar Leaders, regular Champions and Gangers, aren't allowed in scenarios that don't allow Mounted fighters because they are actually mounts rather than just counting as one for gang creation.

Instead of "Ash Wastes campaign" they probably should have said "a campaign that uses vehicles" as that's the wording in the gang creation section of the core book, or maybe "a campaign that uses Ash Wastes scenarios" as that would fit with the battlefield set-up and scenario sections. IIRC the "Ash Wastes campaign" would be the one from the Ash Wastes rulebook and not any of the Aranthian Succession campaigns.
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Enforcer takes the first step towards fighter equipment lists now with their new crew. This means they are a hybrid, having gang equipment list(s) for their existing fighters (N19) and fighter list for the vehicle crew (N20+). This introduces the same kind of nonsense as anywhere else. Enforcer 'Ranger' crew can take Filter plugs. Others can't. It's still Common from the trading post, so only relevant for the first battle... Other fighters can take photo-lumens (which used to be the enforcer fluff choice to counter pitch black). Crew cannot. Also Common from TP...
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Pg.72, random Squat character in there is equipped with Techmite Exovator, his wheeled robot. But I can't find his profile neither in this book nor any other Squat-related book?
That sounds like a new type of mistake, can't remember much missing content lately?
I think @Underhiverscr did a review of the book and contacted GW about this issue, I believe they acknowledged its omission was an error that wasn’t caught before printing.
Speaking of Orrin, is this agent available to all gangs? Can't see any restriction to Squats only.

Edit: Nevermind, one of those campaign characters.
According to the Warhammer webstore Orrin "will join your Ironhead Squat Prospector or Imperial House-allied gangs when they need a helping hand." and "includes two fighter reference cards – one for Orrin Grimjarl, and one for the Techmite Exovator, detailing their profiles and abilities.". So I guess someone will have to buy him to get the rules for his robo-pet and see how it differs from the autoveyor.
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Not really an error, but something I think worth noting: Juves and Prospects may be promoted during Downtime if they have three or more advances. This is consistent with the campaign rules in the Core Book but differs from the previous two parts of the Aranthian Succession campaign trilogy.

Typo: Extra 'that' on p68. in Camp Karrva's boons: "Income: The gang that earns D6x10 credits from this Waypoint when collecting income.", should probably be worded like the other Income boons, "Income: The gang earns D6x10 credits from this Waypoint when collecting income."
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There are some nuances in campaign mechanics I didn't notice before. Succession 3 is designed to use Favour as underdog bonus. Succession 2 on the other hand described giving +1XP if the difference in Gang Rating was 400 or more.

Did any previous campaign mention this? So far I thought it was up to the players to figure out which system(s) to use, be it Patronage, Favour, Sub-plot, Alliance, Agent or anything else.
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Agents are obviously supposed to have "You get what you pay for", just like virtually all other hired guns. This was RAW for Axon (succession 2). But not for Athera (Succession 1). Is this distinction worth anything? Kind of annoying to track, as some have it declared as a special rule, while others have it baked into other special rules. It's something I always take for granted, so noticed this inconsistency by chance.

And those 'campaign' agents, are they limited to the campaign RAW? It's not clear to me upon first reading. Orrin has the default part without any restrictions to gangs or campaigns:
*Petition: A gang does not simply hire Orrin Grimjarl. Instead, he may agree to aid a gang when a petition is made by a gang leader. If a gang wishes to hire Orrin Grimjarl, the controlling player must roll on the following table during the appropriate step of the pre-battle sequence

Asun'ghar on the other hand also has this part:
Selective Alliances: Asun’ghar, the Lady of Ash can only be hired by an Ash Waste Nomads gang or an Unaligned gang during the Fall of Helmawr Campaign.
So can Ash Waste Nomads hire her outside Fall of Helmawr campaign?
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Asun'ghar on the other hand also has this part:

So can Ash Waste Nomads hire her outside Fall of Helmawr campaign?
Stupid English language, this could easily be read as:
  • Nomads or Unaligned, during the Fall of Helmawr campaign
  • Nomads (At any time), or Unaligned during the Fall of Helmawr campaign
I suggest the latter is better purely because it is more enabling and at first-read that's how I interpreted the restriction so in simple-English I think that's how this restriction should work. Thematically it sort-of makes sense that she's only available in the FoH campaign but given how expensive FW characters are and how limited they are, restricting this frankly lovely model to a single campaign (That I have zero desire to play) feels bad.
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