N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Aranthian Succession 3: Ruins of Jardlan

At work so can’t check which, but one of the scenarios had a variable gang size 3+4. Clearly a typo for D3+4 but we all enjoy a bit of pedantry.
I think it's the new "Hybrid" terminology introduced in N23 (rulebook).

When a scenario instructs players to use Hybrid Selection (X+Y) to choose their starting crew, the following method is used. When Hybrid Selection (X+Y) is in use, there will always be two numbers shown in the brackets:
• The player chooses a number of models equal to the first number (X) to be part of their starting crew and sets their Fighter and Vehicle cards to one side.
• If any models have multiple cards, the player chooses which equipment load-out the model will use for the battle.
• Models that are unable to take part in the battle may not be selected.
• The player then makes a deck of any remaining Fighter and Vehicle cards.
• If any models have multiple cards, randomly determine which card is added to the deck.
• Models that are unable to take part in the battle may not be included in the deck.
• The deck is then shuffled and a number of cards equal to the second number (Y) shown in brackets are dealt out and added to their starting crew.

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Stupid English language, this could easily be read as:
  • Nomads or Unaligned, during the Fall of Helmawr campaign
  • Nomads (At any time), or Unaligned during the Fall of Helmawr campaign
I suggest the latter is better purely because it is more enabling and at first-read that's how I interpreted the restriction so in simple-English I think that's how this restriction should work. Thematically it sort-of makes sense that she's only available in the FoH campaign but given how expensive FW characters are and how limited they are, restricting this frankly lovely model to a single campaign (That I have zero desire to play) feels bad.
Yeah had very similar thoughts. However, by that logic, Orrin is available to anyone all the time?
I think so yeah, that's certainly what the rules state.

Maybe he was meant to be limited to Squat gangs, or maybe he's just a generic House Agent that anyone could take? I personally would rule the former, he's only available to Squat gangs but it might be fun to have a generic House Agent with some interesting rules.
The thing about these types of characters are that they are tied into the campaign as "benefit" for allegiances. Here is an overview of all benefits from all 3 succession campaigns:

So the same kind of applies to several characters, some of them may have limitation (to gang and/or allegiance), others doesn't mention anything. Not sure what to expect for these kind of agents. At least it looks like any normal restrictions are overridden by these benefits. So a Chaos gang could use Servalen in Succession 1 if declaring allegiance to House Helmawr.
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My initial thought was that the rules listed for hiring each Dramatis Persona (including petition for Agents) were for using them outside of the Aranthian Succession trilogy/outwith the Benefits rules of the campaign, and that the Benefits 4+ method of hiring was a separate way to use them that ignored normal restrictions and costs. I could be completely wrong though as I don't think they've clearly stated their intentions here. If Emissaries of the Rebellion have to roll a 4+ and then roll on the Petition table too to use Athera/Prophet while they get +1 Rep for every win, I can see them ending up in a position where Credo is their only choice!

On a vaguely related note, does anyone know of any current rules on what to do if two gangs want to employ the same Dramatis Persona?

PS: Margo should be 'Merdena', not 'Mardena', same as her sister Vespa's name, and The Prophet should be listed in Succession 2 & 3 not 1 & 3.
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