N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)


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Dec 29, 2017
Another book, come on let's crowd source a quality/sanity check for this one as well!

Previous discussions:

A summary of various findings (contributed by several yaktribe champions).

  • Born To The Wastes (skill) has two effects, one of which allows the fighter to use the skymantle to hide even in non-wasteland scenarios. The skymantle (also printed in N22 Ash Wastes pamphlet) has no restriction on where it can be used.
    • Comment: Half of the skill is giving you something you already have?
  • Gang Hierarchy: Returned to N20-N21 wording using faction fighter.
    • Comment: This was changed in N22 rulebook (Ash Wastes) to apply to all friendly fighters. Reverting back to N20-N21 is unfortunate as no definition of <faction> fighter exists.
  • Reclaimed autogun renamed to scavenged autogun.
    • Comment: Different fluff name for the same weapon.
  • Suspensor applies to Unwieldy weapons (instead of only heavy weapons).
    • Comment: This is probably correct, however it's been alternating back and forth in the previous books since it was introduced sometime in N20-N21.
  • Twin-linked heavy stubber (p133) is different than the existing one from House of Faith (p122): 1 less Damage, 1 less Rapid Fire.
    • Comment: How many types of twin-linked heavy stubbers does this game need?!?
  • Power fist got S2, AP -2 and D2 and no Unwieldy.
    • Comment: This is 1 point lower across all stats compared to the original version. And lost Unwieldy. The squat price also dropped 50% (from 100 at BM to 50).
  • Power pick (p134): AP+3.
    • Comment: Should be AP-3.
  • Nomads all have Ash Cloak as standard and therefore a free Respirator... but they all also have the standard Respirator on their lists too.
    • Comment: If not an error then utterly meaningless.
  • Squat crew (Gearhead) has access to Bio-booster.
    • Comment: Why? Crew don't suffer injury dice.
  • Running Repairs (Driver skill, p103): If a natural 6 is rolled during a Handling check in the End phase for restarting a Stationary vehicle, "this driver has not only Restarted the vehicle" but also regained one lost Hull Point.
    • Comment: Same as N22 Rulebook (Ash Wastes). Minimum stat for Hnd is 10+ and a roll of 6 isn't automatically a success! GW forgot the stat uses 2D6?!?
  • Introduces "reclaimed" (aka scavgenged) stub gun. Instead of having worse Ammo stat, it loses Plentiful.
  • Introduces universal Dirtbike (mount) available to all fighters of all gangs (except Ash Wastes Nomads, Crew and fighters with Wargear that affects movement, such as jump boosters and grav-cutters).
    • Comment: Mounts have a special penalty when becoming Pinned, however this could potentially be ignored by several old/existing rules such as Lobo-Slaves and Nerves of Steel. Is this intentional?
  • Arhtromite Duneskuttler (Brute) got a special rule "War Scuttler" that allows for climbing without penalties. This is the same as the Clamber skill :rolleyes:
  • Custom vehicle: The equipment list includes 5 of 6 common Body Upgrade items, missing Transport Cage (Small).
    • Comment: Transport Cage (Small) is the only common item restricted before the first battle, but fully available forever after? Why? Does this level of micro-rules improve the game in any way?
  • Reprints some Ash Wastes campaign/battlefield effects, however some are modified and simplified:
    • Regions: 3 alternatives (D3) instead of 5 (2D6).
    • Seasons: 1 effect per season instead 5 (2D6).
      • Soaring Temperatures (Season of Flame): No restriction to move without respirator.
      • Ash Clouds (Season of Ash): Visibility reduced by 6" (12" instead of 18").
      • Wild Weather (Changing Seasons): This one is new. Visibility (D3x6"). Rolled at the start of each round (before determining Initiative).
  • Ironhead Heavy Flamer reduces ammo by 1 point to 6+.
    • This is the only Ironhead weapon that changes the profile in addition to the normal Rapid Fire (+1). Why?!?
  • All gangs use table for Hangers-on access depending on Reputation (?). Not sure if this has been updated previously or not, but it seems the Hangers-on amount applies universally to all gangs.
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Yeah but stuff don't normally bleed from gang equipment tables to TP/BM anymore! Also, it's a bad deal since it costs the same as normal stub gun :LOL: So why not wait a battle and buy the weapon with plentiful for the same cost!

Some of the design decisions never seize to amaze me:
  • Ganger has special rule "Wasteland Snipers" treating Long rifles as Basic weapons. So they want to restrict Special weapons to Specialist Gangers, but have an exception for Long rifles? Is this level of micro-details worth it?
  • Specialist Juve (Prospect) can have any Special weapon (either from the list or TP/BM). But no access to Basic weapons outside the very limited list. The consequence is that it can have a plasma gun or melta gun. But not a lasgun. Why?!?
First head-scratcher for me is the "Born to the wastes" skill which has two effects. The first ignores Battlefield surface effects (Fine), the second allows the owner to use the skymantle to hide even in non-wasteland scenarios.

However, the skymantle in the AWN pamphlet and in the BoOutlands has no restriction on where it can be used. So half of the skill is giving you something you already have.
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However, the skymantle in the AWN pamphlet and in the BoOutlands has no restriction on where it can be used. So half of the skill is giving you something you already have.

Might imply that Skymantles aren't supposed to work outside of Wastes battles, but if so they've not made it at all clear.
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Yeah but stuff don't normally bleed from gang equipment tables to TP/BM anymore! Also, it's a bad deal since it costs the same as normal stub gun :LOL: So why not wait a battle and buy the weapon with plentiful for the same cost!

Do Nomads and/or Ash Waste campaigns have full access to the trading post then? If so this does seem to be a tad ridiculous.
Yeah they have full access (at least most of the fighters as normal for other gangs). Pretty much all gangs have except Ogryns. The book includes fluff justification that while Ash Wastes Nomads don't trade with others, they have their own equivalent markets. This focus on having this gang completey 'separate' seems to be an important design decision for GW. It means that they will have their a lot of unique weapons nobody else have (blasters) or 'unique' variants like scavenged autogun/pistol and stub gun. However, the scavenged is less unique since it is identical to the Cawdor's 'reclaimed' variants, so the uniqueness is mostly in the name only (for auto weapons at least, the scavenged/reclaimed stub gun is new). Squats also have similar variants with the Ironhead weapons, which mostly means +1 Rapid Fire. It feels a bit cheap, having a new weapon like blaster is much better to create something new and truly unique, instead of simple modification of existing weapons (which there already are so many of) or even simpler renaming. So for TP/BM, this fluff narrative has no effect. For weapons, it gives some brand new weapons (blasters), some new variants (Ironhead/scavenged) and some cosmetic renames.

The reason I say it's cheap is once they go down the road of simple renaming, then we end up with all sorts of names which all means the same: Cawdor's reclaimed, Nomad's scavenged and whatever future gangs will have future names.
Seeing as ‘Plentiful’ is more a function of ammo market access than the gun itself, in order to keep that little bit of theme I’d probably play all Nomad Stub Guns as not having it no matter where they were purchased from.

Not that it comes up that regularly in a game or I ever remember that standard stub guns are plentiful anyway.
Yeah, that's what we end up with. Inconsequential micro-details with loopholes, so it's up to players to voluntarily nerf themselves.

How many discussions in "Gangs & Loadouts" care about self-restriction? It seems like all questions there beg for help to improve the list (make it better) and all answers suggests dropping non-competitive options.
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It wasn't an argument for lasgun, it was an argument against meltagun, plasmagun and any other special weapon over something as common as a lasgun.
Just came across someone on FB expecting Lobo Slaves to be immune to falling off their bikes due to being immune to pinning. Same with Nerves of Steel. Strikes me as a very unintended interaction.
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Noticed that there is no "put away the clippers" for the combination of vehicle and crew. Crew can swap and replace vehicles freely (but must however always end up having a vehicle).
Are amount of Hangers-on depending on Reputation finally uniformed and simplified? Used to be like this for a long time:

But the Hangers-on chapter in this book have the most common Variant 1 that seems to apply universally (no mention of gangs or exceptions). This was probably a mistake all along, but it was never explicitly clarified. It would be nice to simplify this worthless complexity. Not sure if this is the first time this was intended to apply universally, or if this stealth update has been printed in any previous books.
When pre-made fighters come with heavy carapace, are stat penalties represented in the fighter profile? For example the new Beastmaster (brute) has heavy carapace, Move 6" and Initiative 3+. What Move does it have when Charging? What Initiative does it have when jumping/falling?

Same applies to some previous characters too (for example Vandoth the Fallen). At least once have GW explicitly shown modified profile, for example for Vorgen Mortz with partial servo harness.
Given that we've got precedent from Vorgen Mortz, and that the movement debuff from Heavy Carapace is situational, the logical conclusion is that the stats presented are the base stats before any modifier.

On Loboslaves & NoS, the way I think it works is thus:

1. Hit by a ranged attack
2. Conduct Initiative test; if passed, End
3. Knocked Down; Suffer hit
4. Nerves of steel check; if passed, End
5. Fighter becomes Prone & Pinned
6. End

Loboslaves ignore #5 as they can't be pinned.

The Knocked down check and rule is a complete replacement for the "Hit by a ranged attack? Get pinned" sub-rule; my interpretation is that the "Knocked Down" is still in effect even if you can't be pinned so you still take the hit. Mounted is meant to have some drawbacks, though I personally think the Knocked Down hits are a bit too much (I'd prefer S3/S4/S5 AP-/-/-1 D1/1/2; the current table is really punishing).

Potentially a bit thematically wacky however, I'm not sure how I justify taking the hit if you don't fall down. The other solution is to swap #3 and #4, so NoS gives you a second check to avoid being Knocked Down. Not sure how Loboslaves should work in all this, I suspect GW never thought about un-pinnable fighters.
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Going purely thematically, to me the initiative test is about keeping control of a vehicle which is being physically battered. As such it would entirely replace and have no interaction with skills that represent being strong willed enough to not duck for cover.
The question about Infiltration in regards to pets & owner has been raised several times:
While this book doesn't offer a definitive answer, it includes the first pet that starts with Infiltrate and one potential owner that also starts with Infiltrate. The 'Beastmaster' brute has access to Millisaurs and gains their skill if having them. This implies that the owner cannot Infiltrate if only the pet has Infiltrate.

Beastmaster is an unusual Brute because it is actually more similar to a hangers-on, unlike all other brutes, it has a pretty standard statline. What makes it stand out is that it can have up to 3 pets.
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