N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

Not sure exactly what sources you are referring to. If you mean to post errors found in Bookromunda/Necrodamus, please use the dedicated discussion for updates and feedback found here:
While it is true I use these "error" discussions indirectly for QA purposes in those projects, this and related discussions are strictly about RAW from official sources.
Certainly a GW error for the Wild Wastes table, as it is the only table in Outland that does not take the result description of the Ash Wastes table. Let me explain, normally the tables in Outland are simplified versions of the Ash Wastes tables, usually the 6-8 result of the concerned table. Here the short version of the Outland Wild Wastes takes the result 3-5 of the Deep Wastes table and not 6-8 of the Wild Wastes.

So normally we should have Dead Seabed in Outland not Shifting Dunes. What do you think ? Error or not ?

Table From Outland :

Table From Ash Wastes

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