N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of the Outcast


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Dec 29, 2017
A new expansion book, similar to Perils, Judgement & Ruin.

Previous discussions:

A summary of various findings (contributed by several yaktribe champions).

  • Psykers can pay XP for additional wyrd powers as Primary skills (p52), 9XP for a random, 12 XP for custom.
    • Comment: Ignore these costs.
  • Flame Blast: Only applies to Melee weapons.
  • Scouring.
  • Mental Assault: Changed and the new definition doesn't make sense for the target's willpower check.
  • Suspensors only applies to Heavy Weapons.
    • Comment: Back to ranged Unwieldy only. What happened to any Unwieldy weapon (including Melee)?
  • Ganger Advancement table (page 71): Incorrect credit costs for several advancements, compared to N18. +1WS/BS increases cost by 5. +1 Will/Int increases cost by 20. They basically copied the ganger advancement table from N17 (Gang War 1) and N19 (Uprising)!
    • Solution: Use correct costs of +20 for WS/BS and +5 for Will/Int from N18.
  • Trading Post: Mining Laser is Rare (8) for Orlocks.
    • Comment: This is already Common from the Orlock's equipment list. Copy-paste error from N18 (before Orlock N20).
  • Trading Post: Cleaver is 20 credits.
    • Comment: Is this an update from the N19 costs of 25 credits?
  • Trading Post: Grav pistol: Rare (11), 70.
    • Comment: What happens to Delaque paying 90?
  • Whip: Strength 'S' (as user).
    • Comment: Previously S2. A stealth update, otherwise an improvement.
  • Stun round (grenade launcher) got Rapid Fire (1).
    • Comment: Obvious mistake, possibly copy-paste error from goliath assault grenade launcher.
  • Grenade Launcher combi ammo (frag, krag, stun) all lost single shot.
    • Comment: Intentional? Also repeated in Trading Post pdf.
  • Grav pistol got AP-1 and Graviton Pulse.
    • Comment: Why?
  • Grav gun got AP-1 and Graviton Pulse.
    • Comment: Why?
  • Grav fist -ranged (Ambot) got AP-1 and Graviton Pulse.
    • Comment: Why?
  • All psykers start with 1 wyrd power. Outcast wyrds start with 1 Primary skill, the only Primary available are wyrd powers.
    • Comment: So do they start with 1 or 2 wyrd powers?
  • Buying any character as the leader is potentially broken and should be used with care. For example some characters like Ammo jack includes equipment far more valuable than the character itself (for example boltgun, power hammer etc.). How does replacing that equipment work? No discount? What happens if some of this equipment is lost, sold or removed? How is crew rating calculated if a character is given additional weapons and only choose some for the battle?Same problem as built-in equipment from previous books (for example fighters starting with armour). My guess is the game is too big and too complex for any good solution on this topic.
  • Habs structure increasing the settlement's structure limit by 1 only applies to the structure itself, which means it doesn't have any benefit (other than unlocking other structures).
  • Bullet hall gives a free hired gun for free, is this any hired gun? For example Slate +dog for 360.
  • Melta is updated to always be in effect for weapons without short range (nice quality improvement).
  • Alliances:
    • Now given rating, including for individual delegation fighters! All fighters are assigned a type. Huge improvement.
    • No rating for single-fighter alliances (Charlatan, Rebel Lord, Mind-locked Wyrd) :( Probably because these can't be used as a basis of a gang due to being only one fighter.
  • Wyrd Powers:
    • All disciplines are set to fixed size of 6. This has some consequences to the existing wyrd powers as they ranged from 1 to 13. As normal for updates like these, they come in all variants: Some are new, some are identical, some are changed and some are gone.
      • Biomancy: 5 new, 2 deleted (Hammerhand and Warp Strength).
      • Chronomancy: 5 new.
      • Pyromancy: 4 new.
      • Technomancy: 5 new.
      • Telekinesis: 3 new, 1 changed (Dark Shield renamed to Force Field with Continuous Effect), 1 deleted (Psychic Shockwave)
      • Telepathy: 7 deleted (Mind Lock, Premonition, Hypnosis, Maddening Visions, Psychic Assault, Psychic Scream, Zealot)
    • Mind Control now requires LOS.
    • Terrify now requires LOS.
    • Venator Bounty Hunter Leader & generic Bounty Hunter (hired gun) can pay 35 to become Psyker.
  • Trading Post:
    • New listings:
      • Grav pistol: Rare (11), 70. What happens to Delaque paying 90?
      • Sawn-off Shotgun (solid ammo): Common, 5. What happens to Cawdor & Orlock paying 10?
      • Grenade Launcher (krak combi ammo): Rare (8), 25.
      • Grenade Launcher (stun combi ammo): Rare (8), 20.
      • Melta-bolter (combi): Rare (12), 170.
      • Cleaver: Common, 20. What happens to CGC paying 25?
      • Greatsword: Rare (10), 40.
      • Heavy club: Common, 15.
      • Polearm: Rare (9), 30.
      • Power claw: Rare (11), 55.
      • Whip: Common, 15.
    • Some old listings copied from N18 with weird/old formatting :(
      • Servo harness partial/full: Rare (11) for Goliath & Orlock, Rare (10) for Van Saar (copied from N18).
      • Heavy rock cutter: Rare (8) for Goliath and Orlock (copied from N18) .
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The reveal with 7 disciplines is probably this one?

"There are now seven disciplines that give you plenty of options when it comes to choosing which variety of mind bullets you want to unleash on your enemies."

We already have 6: Biomancy, Chronomancy, Pyromancy, Technomancy, Telekinesis and Telepathy. Tempted to say the "universal" is it's own category, having Concentrate and Maintain Control, but those are perhaps not "psychic powers" even though they can trigger Perils of the Warp.

Didn't notice this before, the reveal I was referring to was an older one saying there will be more psychic powers.

Other stuff to come:
  • More tactics.
  • More scenarios.
  • More dramatis personae.
  • More campaign.
In other words, run of the mill content.
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Given that GW prefers to stealth errata, instead of FAQs we could be getting a rework of how Continuous powers work. Like they did with blaze and changing fleeing from battlefield. My group was working on houseruling psy-powers into something more sensible when one of us pointed out at possible psy-powers update.
Maybe. But they didn't do it for Delaque which should have been a prime opportunity (other 'House of' books got these stealth erratas as you mention). I expect nothing else than more of what we already got.
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Looks like Alliances are given ratings! Also costs for individual alliance delegation fighters!!! Impressive to see that many suggested ratings from previous community discussions came really close to the official ratings.
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You can see most of everything (except the new Force trait and a few other things) here :)

I'm sure there are many issues, but actually, this feels truly Underhive!
You can see force weapons. It gives power and sever to any melee weapon (when wielded by a psyker), it costs 75 credits for the amplifier and is rare 15.

The Trading post also looks like it only includes GotU and not BoR and BoP
Ah cool - by that point of the video the reviewer was flipping through quite quickly so i missed those pages in my skips :)

Yeah it's the BotU trading post updated, with one or two additions like the amplifier. I think that is a key point, however - no playing group is required to use the Badzones equipment additions from BoP, the additions and the Black Market from BoJ or the (unbalanced) additions of BoR. It's not 40k where all go into a pot to use, but rather rpg modules a group can choose to use x or y.

I do think it's sad it doesn't have the BoP stuff, though, as that feels very thematic to the book.
Overall, book looks like a great sandbox… looking forwards to seeing more merchant guild entourage gangs, and points costs for these can only be a good thing…

Scouring looks like its back to a ‘continuous effect’ power.
  • No rating for single-fighter alliances (Charlatan, Rebel Lord, Mind-locked Wyrd) :( Probably because these can't be used as a basis of a gang due to being only one fighter.
I do find this one weird, as each could easily be given the Gang Leader (X) rule, and each makes a great leader (as Lady Credo shows). Ah well, time to house rule!